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What's more, the city suffered greatly from air pollution long before the Ahmadi-nejad Administration started making the ersatz gasoline.
Judges were impressed with Ersatz, his drama about a family coming to terms with the consequences of a violent crime, which will enjoy a week-long run at the theatre as part of the best new play award.
Actualmente, Ersatz se refiere a algo que es reemplazado por otra cosa de menor calidad: como la Teresa que traian los Santos Reyes, cuando no les alcanzaba para la Barbie.
Scottish nationalists would never accuse Billy Connolly of being an ersatz Scotsman because he does not speak the Scots' Gaelic, would they?
Ersatz writes a memo and makes 11 copies on the Xerox machine (artificial originals).
Still, that's what you get by marrying a woman called Shelley, an ersatz handle that tells us a lot of her background.
With genuine military sniper models priced out-of-sight, why not add an ersatz sniper or two to your collection?
Cruz' large cinematic crew was present and accounted for at the ersatz happening at Powerplant in LA.
O'Toole plays an ersatz sugar daddy, trading trinkets and opera trips to his friend's young grand-niece in exchange for the occasional sniff of her neck (or, in one memorable case, her nether regions).
It has a stone base with punched square openings, a kind of ersatz heavy basement, whereas Piano's additions seem to float above grade.
Haqqani's conclusion is stark: only genuine democracy, rather than Musharraf-Bush ersatz democracy, can bring Pakistan out of its fatal attraction to extremism.