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Erstwhile worth-while fun and stunts seemed no longer worth while; and it was a torment to listen to the insipidities and stupidities of women, to the pompous, arrogant sayings of the little half-baked men.
Everywhere, with the exception of two or three countries, the erstwhile capitalist masters fought bitterly for their possessions.
Thunderous had been the crash of billows on the rocks, wild the white spray and spume that blew over the bar, troubled and misty and tempest-torn the erstwhile blue peace of Four Winds Harbor.
Consequently, the clubrooms became deserted, the servants dozed in the antechambers, the newspapers grew mouldy on the tables, sounds of snoring came from dark corners, and the members of the Gun Club, erstwhile so noisy in their seances, were reduced to silence by this disastrous peace and gave themselves up wholly to dreams of a Platonic kind of artillery.
At a safe distance Tarzan stopped and turned to regard his erstwhile play-fellow in unconcealed astonishment.
And he read aloud to me in his remarkable style, paralleling the text with a running criticism and commentary, lucidly wording involved and lumbering periods, casting side and cross lights upon the subject, introducing points the author had blundered past and objections he had ignored, catching up lost ends, flinging a contrast into a paradox and reducing it to a coherent and succinctly stated truth--in short, flashing his luminous genius in a blaze of fire over pages erstwhile dull and heavy and lifeless.
In the meantime the erstwhile cabin-boy had not moved.
On July 21, 1903, some two hundred labourers recently recruited to construct the Benguet Road linking the Americans' erstwhile summer capital of the Philippines at Baguio with the railhead to Manila refused to report for work and peremptorily marched out of camp.
Lord did not pick up similar messages from her childhood environment--from Wernher von Braun, for example, the erstwhile Nazi rocket scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) in Pasadena, California, where Lord's father, Charles, worked in the '50s and '60s.
Private Detective Russell Quant, erstwhile policeman, dog lover, and gay male replete with a Ukrainian mother who has come for Christmas with her cooking accouterments and cute accent, is warned off from a case before it even spans his radar.
If you have ever seen our erstwhile leader speak and meet people in person you will realise how difficult it is to believe him when he says he is anxious to keep religion and politics apart - because he uses all the mannerisms and rhetoric of a charismatic preacher.
SOAP queen and erstwhile pop star Patsy Kensit has admitted her role in Emmerdale is "the best thing that's ever happened".