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Everywhere, with the exception of two or three countries, the erstwhile capitalist masters fought bitterly for their possessions.
At a safe distance Tarzan stopped and turned to regard his erstwhile play-fellow in unconcealed astonishment.
This he took in good part, and was really pleased, nodding his head with direful foreknowledge and mystery, until George Leach, the erstwhile cabin- boy, ventured some rough pleasantry on the subject.
10] The Persian might easily have admitted that Erik's fate also interested himself, for he was well aware that, if the government of Teheran had learned that Erik was still alive, it would have been all up with the modest pension of the erstwhile daroga.
although his noble bearing suggested Robin Hood, and he was very good in the fight scene when he took on his erstwhile mate, Birbanto (Parrish Maynard, first cheery, then dark).
Saturn Street," a stirring story of a courtship between a homebound AIDS patient and his caregiver, is set on Leavitt's erstwhile home turf of Los Angeles.
THOUGH the old feudal order has become a thing of the past, the former royalties still like to follow certain traditions such as the anointment of heads and titular heads of erstwhile princely states.
New Delhi, June 1 ( ANI ): With the Air India pilots' strike entering its twenty fifth day on Friday, the government will make public a report prepared by a panel constituted to look into the problems arising out of the merger of the airline with the erstwhile Indian Airlines.
Wherever and however Saddam is put on trial, if the erstwhile dictator is allowed to speak he will have some very interesting things to say about his patrons-turned-prosecutors.
The painter, an erstwhile cross-stitcher, re-creates in dainty brushstrokes the ceremonial silk cloth embroidered with polychrome yarns; she heightens the color and omits the crown and two-headed eagle of the original in favor of an open central space.
When an animalistic Darrell Jones violates Zack Fuller, stripping him with his teeth before discarding him, and Fuller then brutally "domesticates" his erstwhile attacker, the performers so fully inhabit this violence that it elicits a visceral response.