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GSE Erudite Software, based in South Jordan, Utah, offers client/server applications, networking solutions, hardware, training and technical support.
Members of Dauntless are then given a serum by Erudite so that they will attack Abnegation, but the Divergent are not affected.
Professor Manlio Pastore Stocchi, well known for his sensitive writings on, among other topics, Venetian humanism, uses the visit of two English oratores to the lectures on Catullus by Pierio Valeriano in 1522 to explore dimensions of the latter's humanism, especially as it related to Pierio's fascination for Catullus' versification, his links with Venetian intellectual interests generally, and the way in which his later works indicate the maturation of the Italian humanist paradigm, when the enthusiasms, civic hopes, and innovative spirit of the early humanists had given way to rhetorical emulation of antique forms and a taste for elegant and systematically erudite practice of Latin poetic composition.
An erudite, postmodern easy-listening outfit with gay Chicago-based brothers John and Frank Navin (pictured above) at the center, the Aluminum Group boasts class, art, aesthetics, and irony: During their lounge act-gone-nouveau concerts last year, the Prada-bedecked pair were accompanied exclusively by iPods.
With longtime supporter Thierry de Duve among the catalogue contributors, the odds are good that this show will make the case for the artist's erudite approach to the representation of otherness.
As his once-beautiful lover Jesse begins to succumb to the final onslaught of AIDS in the Brooklyn town house that the two share in a passionate but nonsexual relationship, the creative and erudite Ray happens on an unlikely romantic prospect: the blue-collar and seemingly straight, married father of two, Mike Tedesco.
IT MAY NOT be entirely fair to ponder the dramatic might-have-beens had Dakin Matthews - an exceptional actor as well as an erudite author/director/translator - starred in his new play ``The Savannah Option.
His approach to literary texts combines close reading with deft historical contextualizing and erudite attention to intertexts in ancient authors.
Neurologist Sacks, famous for his book Awakenings (which was made into a film starring Robin Williams) among other case studies on the often peculiar workings of the brain, here describes his early fascination with science, and in particular chemistry, in an erudite, beautifully written, delightful and often funny memoir.
An erudite old-schooler, Balthus associated with the likes of Giacometti and Artaud.
Wainwright (Professor of English, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada), Every Grain Of Sand: Canadian Perspectives On Ecology And Environment is a collection of thirteen erudite and knowledgeable essays on environmental issues from a decidedly Canadian perspective.
It goes without saying, that the most important thing about dining out is the satisfaction of enjoying truly great food, and wines that are well-paired to complement the dining experience," said Victor Mills, the hotel's erudite general manager.