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Even though these authors eruditely addressed the ethical topic and its broad contours, for those journal editors, counselor educators, publication authors, and researchers who need a tighter delineation of the ethical topography, many unanswered questions remain.
Durkheim's Sociology of Religion can be called successful in serving such purposes because it does present, with accurate details, all that Durkheim said about religion in his corpus of literature, comprehensively and eruditely underlining the master's genius: Durkheim's contribution is today seen as fundamental to the development of sociology in general and all that has been done after him seems to be an extension of his theories because "no one opened up or developed more issues than he did" (523).
Chapter 4 ("Festivity and Time") muses eruditely on the presence of opera seria in the Roman Carnival, when each performance "not only allowed for make-believe, a social time outside of normal time, and a degree of insubordination; it also lit up the frigid darkness of winter at a time, seasonal and historical, when light was scarce, supplying visual brilliance and motion to compensate for the cold air and shorter (and drier) food selections" (p.
In the course of her book Smith gives a wide-ranging history and account of constructivism and relativism, a fuller account than I can even begin to summarize here, one that eruditely situates these intellectual movements in relation to a host of philosophers and theorists, from Rene Descartes and Immanuel Kant, to Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, and Ludwig Wittgenstein, to Jacques Derrida, Foucault, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Paul Feyerabend, and beyond.
The hallmark of the day was Lonsdale's ability to speak eruditely and always to present a balanced view of any situation in such a way that what he said could be appreciated by an audience sure to benefit from his views.
What Kimmel gives us, in her eruditely homespun way, is hope: hope that we can fix ourselves, hope that we can get up in the morning, hope that things won't get any worse.
More than once Ping eruditely explains the significance of a moment from Freytag's Bilder for the construction of German identity, but fails to note how this moment in turn becomes part of a foundation myth of the German people, spirit, and nation in Die Ahnen.
Eruditely providing an astonishing amount of abundant examples from pre-Achaemenid Iran, the "Semiticization" of Sumerian, writing in second-millennium B.
It's actually too eruditely loquacious for its own good.
Borges absorbed this orthodoxy / heresy-speak, the "heresiological matrix," as Giovanni Filoramo eruditely puts it, but in an anticipation of more contemporary (postmodern?
Chapters explore incisively and eruditely key linkages between utopianism and a vocabulary of hope, the legacy of Thomas More, a Third Way for education, educational management and leadership, deliberative democracy and school governance, and a cultural curriculum.
Eliot eruditely combines slang with scholarly language.