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Although Augustine arrived at these insights only through bitter disappointments at Milan and Cassiciacum, he continued in his quest to harmonize virtus and eruditio and produced in De Doctrina Christiana his most mature contribution to the problem of liberal education and character.
Also, lecturing on Psalm 6, Luther: Crux Christi unica est eruditio verborum dei, theologia sincerissima.
Both pietas (holiness) and eruditio (erudition) were necessary.
This article describes results of a case study research project that investigated three teachers involved in the Eruditio teacher-training program in which Arizona teachers trained to integrate computer technology into their curricula and instruction.
This study investigated the experiences of three teachers from different areas of Arizona taking part in the Eruditio Teacher Training Project.
Abby, teaching at an inner city high school that served exclusively at-risk, often homeless students, defined the laptop at the beginning of the Eruditio Project.
Beverly, teaching second grade in a rural elementary school, agreed that Eruditio provided a useful tool to help her with her teaching job.
The two principal qualities are fides and eruditio, characteristics of Gaguin, and, as a recent study of Gaguin has pointed out, of Italian Renaissance historiography.
CWE 1:89, line 52 translates fides et eruditio as "honesty and scholarship.