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Eager could not resist the opportunity for erudition.
Gringoire, without exactly understanding what the connection could be between his address and this question, was not sorry to display his erudition.
When he discovered the arrangement of words in alphabetical order he delighted in searching for and finding the combinations with which he was familiar, and the words which followed them, their definitions, led him still further into the mazes of erudition.
How far the judicious Hooker or any other hero of erudition would have been the same at Mr.
Thoroughly Educated upon my cards; for my greatest pride lies in the fact that the world cannot produce another Woggle-Bug with a tenth part of my own culture and erudition.
Fully assured in his own mind that his daughter had been picked up by a passing steamer, he gave over the last vestige of apprehension concerning her welfare, and devoted his giant intellect solely to the consideration of those momentous and abstruse scientific problems which he considered the only proper food for thought in one of his erudition.
Graybill, whose clerky erudition and profound knowledge of Greek give
We pass in the world for sects and schools, for erudition and piety, and we are all the time jejune babes.
This gift Jenny had a good deal improved by erudition.
He's sometimes put into a sardine box," chuckled Toodles, whose erudition on the subject of the fishing industry was fresh and, in comparison with his ignorance of all other industrial matters, immense.
Polemical as ever, and wearing his erudition more lightly than usual, Defaux exposes the Pleiade's offense and denigration of Clement Marot and argues that, in effect, French literary historiography is the dupe of Renaissance propaganda.
The latter mode of inquiry had been underpinned by centuries-old symbolic systems of religious emblematics, humanistic erudition, or princely allegory.