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Key words: minimum erythema dose, MED, ultraviolet B, UVB, irradiance, 25-hydroxycholecalciferol; 25-OH-D, photoconversion, vitamin D, avian, budgerigar, Melopsittacus undulatus
The persistent erythema dose (PED) varied from 120mJ/sq cm to 1278mJ/sq cm with a mean of 531.
First, the minimal erythema dose for unprotected skin (MEDunprotected) was determined.
For dermatologists, he added, there's another effective option: "Pop into your UVB cabin once a week from November to February when nobody's looking and give yourself 1 SED [standard erythema dose], which is about one-third of the minimal erythema dose.
Table 1 presents the results of the experiments and data on the UVA and UVB radiation intensity emitted from various sources as well as data on the dose received, and the received dose is compared with the minimum erythema dose (MED) (dose causing skin blush).
Similar areas were irradiated by simulated sunlight at a dose three times the minimal erythema dose (MED).
Melanin Density Increased After Treatment With low 40% MED * Scores With high 12% MED * Scores * Minimal erythema dose.
SPF is calculated as the ratio of minimal erythema dose (MED) the smallest UVB dose that produces perceptible erythema with clearly defined borders at 16 to 24 hours after UV exposure of a patient's sunscreen protected to that of unprotected skin.