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As part of Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere Commerce[TM], Escalate Retail delivers feature-rich solutions designed to improve the retail customer experience through seamless cross-channel capabilities in the store, on the phone, and over the web.
The new mobile commerce features, including Microsoft Tag capabilities, are included in Escalate Retail's Blue Martini e-Commerce Suite at no additional cost for new and existing customers.
Escalate Retail's Mobile Commerce Rapid Launch program gets retailers up and running on a mobile platform quickly by leveraging valuable existing content and media from the e-Commerce site and presenting it in a mobile-friendly format.
NOTE: Escalate, the Escalate logo and EscaLynx are trademarks of Escalate Networks, Inc.
Escalate Retail is an industry leader in cross-channel commerce, enabling retailers to create scalable, interactive websites defined by rich, dynamic content, timely and personalized promotions, easy micro-site creation, real-time inventory information, social networking integration, and rich customer and order history.
Found and Escalate are committed to providing technology solutions for multi-channel integration that create operating efficiencies for manufacturers and retailers.
Escalate Retail, Newly Formed From Merger of GERS Retail Systems and Ecometry, Renews Long-Standing Commitment to Autonomy OEM Program
Escalate provides the complete Integrated Selling Application Platform that enables Fortune 2000 consumer goods companies and retailers, such as Spalding Sports, Friedman's & Crescent Jewelers, and Sygate, to change the economics of their selling activities and to grow profitably.
In addition to adding new clients, existing Escalate direct customers continue to invest in the new Ecometry technology platform.
With the Escalate Merchant Service, online merchants can focus on branding and store design, merchandising and product assortments creating a superior customer experience; Escalate takes care of all the rest.