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'We focus on the influence of group fear and group hope because, compared to other emotions, fear and hope are more associated with uncertainty, which is inherent to the decision to escalate commitment to a venture,' write the researchers.
"Sa mga salita niya baka lalong mag-escalate ang mga nangyayari sa Mindanao (His [President Duterte] words might escalate what is happening in Midnanao).
The founder of Escalate Internet says, “Our SEO packages are unique since they are aimed at bridging the gap between what the clients would actually want their online service to become and what Escalate Internet, as an affordable SEO company, thinks would help meet their goals.” This certainly emphasizes the commitment that the company has towards its services and for their clients.
Faye Longridge, 19, managing director of Escalate, said: "We are honoured to be representing the UK and really excited about the chance to compete in Macedonia.
"There is a deliberate intention to escalate trouble from confrontations with security bodies to fighting between sects and this is apparent with the closure of roads, spilling oil on major highways and attempts to burn property and individuals," it said.
Only offenders whose behaviour escalates to violence are handed substantial jail terms, leaving victims suffering years of abuse, and a new stalking law needs to be brought in to tackle the problem earlier, the probation union Napo said.
In a phone interview with Daily News Egypt, Hegazy said that they decided to escalate the case after he lost hope in getting a court verdict in his favor.
The trip was "yet another attempt to destabilise the situation and escalate tension in the Caucasus region," it added.
The doomsayers' second great fear is that the Sunni-Shiite sectarian civil war could escalate further, reaching near-genocidal levels and sucking in Iraq's neighbors.
Congress, which voted to create the atrocious DHS, has also been twiddling its thumbs while our security problems escalate. The House and Senate internal security committees were abolished decades ago.
The unrest continues to escalate. Flaring tempers between the two physician groups begins to impair the overall functioning of the outpatient center.