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Someone from one group bumped into someone from the second group, and the situation escalated with hard looks and stares.
Aliya Rashid, prosecuting, said: "Discussions escalated into arguments and verbal arguments escalated into physical arguments.
The facility's nursing staff did not alter the resident's care, even though her labs, combined with her history of uncontrolled nosebleeds and escalated bruising, indicated that she was becoming a high risk.
However, violence then escalated in other parts of the city.
Prior to this integration, CONTROL-M could notify IT Operations of an impending problem in its batch processes, but the alarm could not be automatically escalated through phone, email or pager service to reach the proper employee if the first line manager was not available.
The gang sweep was in part a routine check of members on probation, and in part an effort to halt gang activity that has escalated here since the start of school.