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The old fellow wondered a little that the morose old master of fence should, at his time in life, indulge in frivolous escapades more befitting the younger sprigs of gentility, but, then, what concern was it of his?
At times Maggie told Pete long confidential tales of her former home life, dwelling upon the escapades of the other members of the family and the difficulties she had to combat in order to obtain a degree of comfort.
Never a man to hide anything, some of his escapades became public, such as speeding, and of joy-rides in his big red motor-car down to San Jose with companions distinctly sporty--incidents that were narrated as good fun and comically in the newspapers.
These various escapades again so terrorized the blacks that, had it not been for the monthly respite between Tarzan's visits, in which they had opportunity to renew hope that each fresh incursion would prove the last, they soon would have abandoned their new village.
Hamel, who had resumed his place upon the rock close at hand, had been mixed up during his lifetime in many wild escapades.
Yet always she had kept me at a distance with that contemptuous air of hers; or else she had demanded of me, in lieu of the life which I offered to lay at her feet, such escapades as I had perpetrated with the Baron.
She also invited the audience to join the fifth season of Winter Escapade which is scheduled on February 03 to 11, 2018.
A HOTEL manager crawled through a baggage carousel and boarded a plane at Birmingham Airport in a drunken escapade which caused a security breach, a court heard.
KNIGHTLY ESCAPADE (Brian Ellison) BRIAN ELLISON'S Knightly Escapade (right) had no real chance with the impressive winner The Liquidator in a novice hurdle at Carlisle.
The feat, which was done by costume firm Escapade, raised 1,000 pounds for Help For Heroes.
Middlesbrough-born Mark Allan, 35, had drunk 10 cans of lager when he offered to take Harvy D'Silva on a night-time "adventure" close to their home at Brompton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire, last Easter, but the escapade ended in tragedy.
com's Asian Escapade campaign also has a focus on Amazing Thailand.