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At another point, the accused said the police investigator provided him with a hacksaw to aid his escape from cell.
Not just escape from society pressures, bad marriages and Kim Kardashian, but escape from our stuff.
Sd Mn , spokesman of Baghdad Operations Command told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that one of the escapees was killed and 18 others were arrested as they tried to escape from prison , while three others managed to escape and are being sought to arrest them .
John Anslow, 33, formerly of Tipton, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to escape from lawful custody, during a trial at Woolwich Crown Court yesterday.
The bill redefines certain chapters of the penal code to include clear provisions for convicts who escape from areas other than prison or holding cells.
Summary: JEDDAH: Expatriate workers in the Kingdom find it very easy to escape from their sponsors -- either a person or a company -- without losing money.
The minister, Marwan Charbel, blamed the escape from the Roumeih prison east of Beirut on "the pure negligence" of the guards.
By Manyang Mayom March 23, 2011 (RUMBEK) -- A man arrested for masterminding the clashes of December last year between the Thiyic and Gony sections of the Dinka tribe managed to escape from Lakes state main correctional prison services on Monday night.
A total of 76 men managed to escape from the prisoner of war camp before guards uncovered the plot.
The person may be able to slip out of the garment and so escape from the captor.
Escape from Harm's Way: The Experiences of Southeast Asian Elders and their Families: Introduction
Ian Tapson, 84, rarely spoke about being one of five South Africans who were part of the team that planned and executed the escape from a German prisoner of war camp during the Second World War.