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Braided and twisted cotton twines exhibited significant decay rates and low variability in breaking strength, which makes them ideal candidates for further experiments as escape mechanisms in pots and traps to reduce ghost fishing.
Among the immune escape mechanisms used by tumor cells, HLA-G expression has been recently investigated in different types of human malignancies.
A NASA spokesman said the pad-abort vehicle was an escape mechanism meant to remove astronauts from harm's way in case of an emergency on the launch pad.
Writing would become Edmund's ultimate escape mechanism, and the reader will discover intriguing details about his life, which are scattered throughout his novels.
From native predators, there has always been an escape mechanism - they can get into the water and swim or go into their holes but mink can follow them into the water and into the holes."
Although Jones's desire to "lose" himself with Ella Mae is ostensibly a desire to use sex as a temporary escape mechanism, his yearning to change places with the child reveals his need to be nurtured and protected by the black matriarch.
Ninety percent of major train stations in Japan have installed, or are in the process installing, escape mechanism to minimize fatal mishaps in rail pits, the government said Friday.
True, the pigeons do have an effective escape mechanism - they can simply fly to a high perch and look down on the frustrated doggies while cooing with derision and pooping into a baby's pram.
What's happening there is that life is so bad that it is another escape mechanism, the same as drinking alcohol.
Cancers are heterogeneous and outgrowth of clones unaccounted for by the vaccine is an efficient escape mechanism. We will develop neoepitope prediction algorithms deciphering clonal heterogeneity to inform rational vaccine design and countermeasures against selection of target escape variants.
Alex responds, admitting he has learned from previous errors, he said: "For me it's just like if I feel like things are moving too quickly, I don't know whether I wanted even to get to know Laura particularly, I think it was just an escape mechanism that I just didn't want to rush into something.
So, the lizards have evolved an extraordinary escape mechanism.