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The Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry has asked the nation's railway companies to improve escape mechanism at 2,077 designated train stations across the country following the death of three passengers in January last year inside the rail pit on the JR Okubo station in Tokyo.
In lay terms we should think of discriminative stimuli as danger signals and discriminative responses as escape mechanisms.
The system will provide a safe escape mechanism for astronauts in the Orion crew module atop the rocket should there be a problem on the launch pad, or in the early stage of the climb to orbit.
For further protection and safety, each door includes an inside escape mechanism which can be easily located and operated, even in the dark.
Unfortunately, the disastrous immigration plan the president will propose in his State of the Union will have no escape mechanism," Stein said.
TetraLogic's IAP antagonists are small molecules designed to overcome cancer cells' escape mechanism and promote selective killing of these malignant cells.
Preclinically, the killing of cancer cells by GBR 1302 is more rapid, more complete and not expected to be subject to the same resistance escape mechanisms as therapies directed against HER2.
Objective: This project~s main objective is to study the role of the CD300 receptor family in the pathogenesis of the infection by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and viral escape mechanisms.
Other working and middle-class parents today may be seen as striving to silence doubts about their sacrifices and the escape mechanisms they employ by demonizing youth culture.