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The Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry has asked the nation's railway companies to improve escape mechanism at 2,077 designated train stations across the country following the death of three passengers in January last year inside the rail pit on the JR Okubo station in Tokyo.
In lay terms we should think of discriminative stimuli as danger signals and discriminative responses as escape mechanisms.
A short, upright canopy is also an escape mechanism because less moisture would be trapped in this canopy than in one that is tall and lodged.
In vivo studies conducted by AVEO demonstrated that elevated ErbB3 levels can potently drive breast tumor growth and may provide an escape mechanism to Herceptin[R] treatment.
It is possible that an erect canopy is an escape mechanism because erect genotypes would have more canopy air movement, less moisture, and less disease than lodged genotypes.
Disease progression requires the deficient immune control of viral escape mechanisms (6).
In the latter case, the spacecraft was unmanned and no one was injured even at the Florida launchpad where the accident occurred, but it still points to the need for proper escape mechanisms in any vessels that have human occupants within.
NAREB will address the problem of drug bioavailability inside the infected macrophages, transport across the bacterial cell wall, and avoidance of escape mechanisms (expressed by the pathogen).
Their elimination by the antibody is faster and more complete and is not subject to the same resistance escape mechanisms as similar drugs.
Brawley and Dixon detail escape mechanisms that some GIs used to mentally separate themselves from their environments--they became pseudo-scientists, comparing the plants and animals there with those back home; anthropologists studying natives' rituals; or tourists collecting sea shells and buying grass skirts as souvenirs.
Other working and middle-class parents today may be seen as striving to silence doubts about their sacrifices and the escape mechanisms they employ by demonizing youth culture.