escape recognition

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While this was going on they saw coming along the road they were following a man mounted on an ass, who when he came close seemed to be a gipsy; but Sancho Panza, whose eyes and heart were there wherever he saw asses, no sooner beheld the man than he knew him to be Gines de Pasamonte; and by the thread of the gipsy he got at the ball, his ass, for it was, in fact, Dapple that carried Pasamonte, who to escape recognition and to sell the ass had disguised himself as a gipsy, being able to speak the gipsy language, and many more, as well as if they were his own.
He knew he could not escape recognition, his face was too well known, but, he trusted, for the sake of Spear, the reporters would make no display of his visit.
While this may seem beneficial, it actually works more to the benefit of the virus than the infected individual by allowing HIV to escape recognition by dendritic cells.
The shy vocalist who prefers keeping a low profile revealed that she had been lucky enough to escape recognition in her hometown of London.
When the new virus particles are assembled, sometimes with costume elements modified to escape recognition, they leave the cell and "party on" in new host cells.
However, for Deleuze, in relating the concrete and abstract to give an account of cognition, we must escape recognition and representation; we have to avoid subsuming the sensible under pre-established formal categories but must instead learn from or experiment with the encounters we undergo in sensation.
If a landscape seems to escape recognition, the role of painting as a cognitive tool serving to create a representation of reality is also continuously questioned.
Bankrupt or insolvent taxpayers may be able to escape recognition of COD income entirely, depending upon their specific circumstances.
Lewis says he's going to Switzerland to escape recognition and the Press.
able to escape recognition by the complement system and macrophages.
And they managed to escape recognition as they explored the islands.