escaped prisoner

See: fugitive
References in classic literature ?
We had completed these arrangements for our protection after leaving Phutra when the Sagoths who had been sent to recapture the escaped prisoners returned with four of them, of whom Hooja was one.
com/missing-inmate-might-have-escaped-under-garbage-truck-2638782) escaped prisoner may be in New York City, riding the subway or other public transportation systems in an attempt to "blend in," authorities told (http://https://www.
Black twice escaped prisoner of war camps during the conflict before gaining his biggest success as a jockey when Hector Christie's Fortria took the 1947 Cheltenham Gold Cup.
Baker's girlfriend Chelsea Gibson, 25, of Bow, east London, pleaded guilty to assisting an offender while his sister Kelly Baker, 22, of Ilford, admitted harbouring an escaped prisoner.
AN escaped prisoner from the Republic is to stand trial for robbery in Belfast, a judge ruled yesterday.
The Ministry of Interior said Sunday that the escaped prisoner was an alleged Muslim Brotherhood member who participated in acts of sabotage in Sharqeya.
Yet here we are again with another escaped prisoner at large.
Appearing before the Public Prosecution, the escaped prisoner admitted that he is under arrest warrant in connection with other criminal cases.
That night, a television news report reveals the intimidating man is an escaped prisoner serving 18 years for the murder of his girlfriend (Maika Monroe).
Apparently cold enough for an escaped prisoner to decide to turn himself in.
School staff's statement However, the school staff did not confirm if the person who had jumped over the wall was an escaped prisoner.
FOUR people have been charged with harbouring an escaped prisoner.