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The researchers decided to sequence the entire genome of Ringo and two of his male offspring-the escaper and one severely affected puppy.
The Escaper will be sold by select Damon dealers among the Company's network of more than 300 dealerships nationwide.
Thousands of pounds were spent on guarding the notorious escaper after he was called from Perth Prison to give evidence at a minor breach of the peace trial at Glasgow District Court.
During his long stint as a prisoner of war he acquired a reputation as the most determined escaper the Germans had ever encountered.
Harry Houdini, the great escaper, tied and chained to the wheels of a train for one of his famous tricks
Mr Jordan had been told he could not travel to join thousands of comrades at yesterday's 70th anniversary as TURN TO PAGE 5 Bernard the Great Escaper FROM PAGE ONE there were no places on an organised trip.
Prison escaper Thomas Gordon, 26, of Dundee, serving life for murder.
The MP for Abingdon, Mr Neave had also been an Army intelligence officer and Colditz escaper.
A COUNTY Donegal businessman who put up bail for Brixton jail escaper Pearse McCauley has had to fork out pounds 24,000 because McCauley absconded.
GUNTHER Pluschow - Airman, Escaper and Explorer by Anton is available from Pen & Sword at pounds 19.
But Adoiphus Wickham's bid for freedom was short-lived as three officers chased and caught him just yards from the building, but not before this van had to skid to a halt to avoid the escaper and his pursuers.
Magee's best man was Maze escaper Jimmy Smith, who was extradited from America 12 months ago and who married US citizen Julie Fishman in a similar ceremony inside the Maze earlier this year.