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Garraty eschews a social history of unemployment for a study "of how the idea 'unemployment' has been understood and evaluated, both before and after the term itself was invented" (p.
In this preserve live those who eschew technology, choosing to live simpler lives.
You now eschew all animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs and honey; that knocks even the angel food cake, which is 99 percent egg whites, right off your list.
He also stressed government to eschew the policy of accruing massive IMF loans, and focus on alleviating poverty and unemployment in the Country.
328)--and tended to eschew butter or margarine on their bread.
Epidemiological studies have found that tea drinkers face a lower risk of heart attacks than people who eschew the brew (SN: 10/30/93, p.
Claiming to eschew "originality, style, superimposed design, wit, elegance, or significance," they never stop calling attention to one last modicum of subjectivity, in the form of sustained attention.
Ultimately, it may be possible to eschew the use of microspheres and track the motion of mobile particles already present inside a cell, yielding a noninvasive method of determining the flow behavior of complex cellular fluids.
Not only did they eschew the pup-nurturing behavior characteristic of females-and evident in normal littermates-they also exhibited the territorial aggression toward males usually seen only in males.