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Lately, farmers attempting to eschew chemical herbicides with no-till techniques have also found fields of alfalfa and corn plagued by the slimy nocturnal creatures.
Most medical texts and clinical notes already eschew Latin for the skeleton's more common English names, he explains.
During an interview the general secretary Pakistan ex-servicemen Association (PESA) Brigadier (Retd) Syed Masood-ul-Hassan, has strongly stressed that Army should eschew any role in politics, while also lauding the commendable role of outgoing COAS, Kayani in this regard.
The Swedish contemporary circus troupe mix modern theatre and an eye-popping array of stunning skills for performances that eschew the conventional mores of mainstream circus for something altogether otherworldly.
TM is an offshoot of Hinduism, though some of its supporters eschew its religious underpinning and argue the practice is actually science-related.
That doesn't mean that librarians who are content with their current methods should eschew using wikis or blogs, or that teachers should avoid podcasting, he emphasizes.
The Sugar Busters and South Beach diets also eschew soft drinks.
Now in its second edition, The Best In Tent Camping Virginia is a no-nonsense outdoors companion and "user friendly" guide for tent campers who prefer serene campsites and eschew RV's.
In the book's declarations, there are caveats for basic living and the references to the lying with another man was simply a call to eschew playing the role of a woman when engaging in sexual relations.
With the emergence of political ideologies which eschew corporate responsibility for those who cannot earn an independent living," he asks, "will the successful campaign to close down the last vestiges of institutional care and treatment for people with mental disabilities turn out to be a hollow victory?
Third, we need to eschew an essentialist understanding of truth (rooted in the old metaphysics) and instead develop what he calls a "performative" notion of truth.
Sell the plan as an attractive investment vehicle for the employee's future but eschew raising suspicions about the firm's motive with hype.