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From the experience of a panic attack to bad times swimming to being a little too attached to one's favorite garment, Space: An Eschew Collection reveals the trepidations, the deep-seated attachments, and the irony of mundanity.
When Bud Hunt wanted a new way to get students interested in writing, he eschewed traditional brainstorming exercises and turned to technology instead.
Decades after the Salem trials were only a dark memory, Minister Cotton Mather eschewed the use of prayer and more religious methods and advocated for a smallpox antidote in their place.
Firms must open their books to employees, a practice some eschew. A significant judgment against the firm could hurt the minority investors, although malpractice insurance can minimize this risk.
Labor Party Advocates is another group that has eschewed Presidential politics this year--though some of its backers in Wyoming have indicated that they may jump the gun and seek ballot status in that state.
Adejoh said the CSOs, registered under KONGONET, would engage traditional rulers, religious leaders and youths in those identified locations on the need to eschew violence.
ISLAMABAD -- Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has directed all Provinces to ensure that candidates participating in Local Bodies polls should eschew party symbols during elections.
Higher ed institutions that use it will, in essence, eschew the licensing fees for commercial financial management systems.
Advocating that they eschew demoralizing attitudes, the Pope urged them to show an "ever-more determined commitment in favour of the priesthood."
"MCCARTAN was chosen for their ability to deliver modern, cutting-edge interiors that aspire to be new classics and eschew trendy fashionable design statements," noted Kimberly Cafaro, general manager of the Biltmore.
Maine, Massachusetts, Arizona and Vermont have all passed strict "clean elections" laws under which candidates who eschew large and corporate campaign contributions get money from state taxpayers instead.
Eschew words like "eschew." A headline should be simple, concise and inclusive--inviting the potential reader.