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NEWHALL -- The couple happily eschewed stadium seating and passed on this weekend's star- studded blockbusters to watch obscure footage shot 30 years ago on Super 8 film on a remote South Pacific island.
The spirits, in their own form of denial, have eschewed modern aspects of human life as well, such as motorized transportation.
Though their discovery of glowing radium, with all its commercial potential, could have made them rich, the Curies eschewed patents and made their methods available to anyone who might need them.
When Bud Hunt wanted a new way to get students interested in writing, he eschewed traditional brainstorming exercises and turned to technology instead.
But O'Donnell eschewed Graham's dark dramatics in favor of a breathy, full-bodied style that was highly technical and intensely physical.
Decades after the Salem trials were only a dark memory, Minister Cotton Mather eschewed the use of prayer and more religious methods and advocated for a smallpox antidote in their place.
For his latest New York show, Moffett eschewed the kind of relatively direct digital analogy to painting seen recently in the work of artists like Jeremy Blake; instead, he took on painting's familiar visual field as a support structure for the moving image.
Forsthuber wanted to make a building that would act as a centre for kids and youth', in an area where local recreational facilities are politically orientated, and resources offered by schools are often eschewed.
unabashedly leftist, The Pinkos have eschewed subliminally and put the politics back into punk.
Over the last year, the company has eschewed expensive mass media advertising and instead attempted to place its products in the region's soap operas, known as telenovelas.
An enthusiastic reader of science fiction, Cronenberg the budding film-maker eschewed the documentary realist tradition of his contemporaries, introducing unprecedented levels of fantasy into Canadian film.
Labor Party Advocates is another group that has eschewed Presidential politics this year--though some of its backers in Wyoming have indicated that they may jump the gun and seek ballot status in that state.