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Now it seems she has become the perfectly docile, perfectly non-descript, perfectly boring, traditional First Lady, riding elephants with Chelsea, making safe, maternal statements about traditional topics everywhere she goes, and eschewing any hint of controversy or even spunk, in her speech, her dress, and her actions.
Media reports, that ECP has also stressed on provinces to take it into confidence over electioneering issues, while ECP sources have expressed that the decision of eschewing party symbols had been taken over the fact that more than one person from each parry would be contesting, allotment of symbols would rather be confusing.
He said that since JUI had taken oath to serve the Nation in accordance with constitution, the party strongly believed in legislating in according with Shariah, and while strongly rejecting the notion of practicing politics of dissent, said that support for PPPP was given over the condition of eschewing policies of former President Pervez Musharraf; something PPPP had failed to do.
Eschewing fashion for booze across town, Italian design legend Roberto Cavalli expanded his universe from fabulous gowns to premium vodka, with a backyard party that drew the cream of the Tinseltown going-out crowd.
Eschewing specific reference, the works--although for the most part created here--seemed more the product of an emotional than a topographical exploration of the city.
Still, at least one school is eschewing the legislative debate and is offering its own solution, according to media reports.
Eschewing what he terms the "somewhat archaic function" of conventional biography (53), Waller nonetheless attends to the rather considerable documentary record -- letters, manuscripts, editions, circumstances of writing and publication -- of his two principals.
Howard reduces the impact of these wonderfully dramatic buildings by eschewing analyses of complete buildings and their contents in favour of a step-by-step progress through 'approach, defence, roof-top display, geometry and form, plan, symmetry, entry, ground-floor accommodation, the staircase, the great hall, the apartment, the gallery, oriel windows, ceilings' and so on, citing examples under each heading.
Eschewing action, he showed crime solving to be a plodding, frustrating occupation.
Pervez Musharraf, and no peace and harmony could ever be gained without eschewing policies of that era, as they had virtually shaken the very foundations of Country.
Eschewing voice-over narration, Nossiter and his small crew simply allow people engaged in the wine business to express their points of view, which are naturally as divergent as the scope of vino itself.
Eschewing the explicitly personal or political, her paintings are records of a thought process, communicated with a deliberate clumsiness.