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Compared to those eschewing supplements, they were less than 40 percent as likely to have died of heart disease and 41 percent as likely to have succumbed to cancer.
for eschewing all wickedness, vanity & self-hatred, for loving the African You
Now it seems she has become the perfectly docile, perfectly non-descript, perfectly boring, traditional First Lady, riding elephants with Chelsea, making safe, maternal statements about traditional topics everywhere she goes, and eschewing any hint of controversy or even spunk, in her speech, her dress, and her actions.
Media reports, that ECP has also stressed on provinces to take it into confidence over electioneering issues, while ECP sources have expressed that the decision of eschewing party symbols had been taken over the fact that more than one person from each parry would be contesting, allotment of symbols would rather be confusing.
He said that since JUI had taken oath to serve the Nation in accordance with constitution, the party strongly believed in legislating in according with Shariah, and while strongly rejecting the notion of practicing politics of dissent, said that support for PPPP was given over the condition of eschewing policies of former President Pervez Musharraf; something PPPP had failed to do.
Eschewing specific reference, the works--although for the most part created here--seemed more the product of an emotional than a topographical exploration of the city.
Still, at least one school is eschewing the legislative debate and is offering its own solution, according to media reports.
In addition because New Media, as an industry has developed a "fit and trim" ethos in terms of business environments, eschewing traditional office managers, etc.
Bonita Bryg's sometimes funky, sometimes retro costumes are the ultimate in vulgar glitz, eschewing professional ballroom's beloved puffy tulle skirts for plastic, chains, and calculated bareness.
Eschewing the usual gamut of overstated formalist gesturing produced by the competition system, he has contrived to simplify the masterplan while also providing welcome relief from the bland monumentality of Perrault's Bibliotheque.
Wherever we see Europeans working out compromises, eschewing fanaticism, and embracing dialogue, Erasmus's spirit is present, even if those practicing such virtues consider themselves to be his enemies, such as the Jesuits (who, insofar as they themselves participated in education, were nourished in a humanistic culture).
Lancaster has written neither a monograph nor a synthesis, lacking the scholarly studies for the latter and largely eschewing the archival sources of the former.