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The antithesis of Colonial Williamsburg, this smart contemporary design eschews all that is "19th century senior-chic," and brings to life an environment for people of all ages to appreciate.
The 85-page booklet, produced in cooperation with the Office of National Drug Control Policy, exemplifies the current vogue in "substance prevention," which eschews "didactic approaches or scare tactics" in favor of "interactive teaching techniques.
He eschews layoffs and refuses to call his associates "employees" because he considers the term demeaning.
Moreover, the unusual space eschews conformity in terms of style, and uses such "green" products as Xorel Wall coverings and low V.
Howard eschews Daniel Lesnick's class-based contextualization of Dominican preaching, and the details of civic life never quite frame his Antoninus as directly as they do Donald Weinstein's Savonarola.
True, Jeyasingh eschews much of her bharata natyam training in the ensemble pieces she creates for her small, nine-year-old company of women.
Garraty eschews a social history of unemployment for a study "of how the idea 'unemployment' has been understood and evaluated, both before and after the term itself was invented" (p.
But consumers who eat Pavich grapes get little else on their fruit, because the family eschews chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in working its 18,000 acres of vineyards.
This method eschews deep cleaning and a regular cleaning schedule, and replaces it with spot cleaning, often with the goal of "clean enough" rather than deeply clean.
Ozon (``Swimming Pool,'' ``8 Women'') adeptly eschews the familiar here by refusing to make Romain apologetic, much less likable.
This posthumous collection of unreleased recordings eschews his trademark electronic textures, favoring quieter, acoustic arrangements instead.
In recent years, Artschwager has replaced the off-the-shelf panels with custom-made fiber versions; likewise, in this show, he eschews the comfortable familiarity of his previous source material in favor of peculiar imagery with less readily identifiable origins.