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1) While new social histories showed how classes and communities came into being as the result of large-scale sociological processes and came to consciousness of their ability to affect these processes, "birth" studies generally eschew such narratives in favor of the complicated creation and negotiation of identities and conceptual delineations as exercises of power by both social authorities and those whom they seek to classify.
But when Njeri eschews confession, The Last Plantation is filled with captivating passages, such as when she takes us to the scene of an event or examines cases like that of Velina Hasu-Houston, a black-Japanese-Blackfoot playwright who decides to become a multiracial activist after experiencing a variety of humiliating incidents.
Derek Deane's new production of Giselle for English National Ballet, his first staging of an evening-length classic since becoming director of Britain's second-largest ballet company two years ago, eschews the work's traditional medieval Rhineland locale in favor of 1920s Austria, as represented by Charles Cusick-Smith's alpine resort setting.
eschews a culture that revolves around fast food and instead advocates the use of fresh, in-season, sustainable foods that are prepared simply and enjoyed in a leisurely manner.
Caccioppoli also eschews any spatial or narrative anchor.
That man is Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage), a Ukranian immigrant who eschews the family's Brighton Beach borscht restaurant in favor of meeting a human need he believes to be just as basic as food - the means to murder.
But Arias eschews the term "drag queen," griping that it evokes images of "a clown with big cartoon tits, bad makeup, bad shoes, bad hair.
If one had to pick a likely influence it might be Max Beckmann, though Georgiou eschews the latter's grandiose mythography; Georgiou, too, aspires to a sort of universality, but his is one articulated through the humble gestures and objects of everyday life--a bed, a table--and pictorial gestures sufficiently discreet as to let them emerge with unwonted emphasis and luminosity.
But for the first time in a decade, John eschews dense production in favor of a cleaner, Elton John Band--like soundscape, reminiscent of his last album named in honor of the western United States, Caribou.
Bancroft Capital has attained success in real estate investment through a unique investment model whereby the company invests a meaningful amount of its own funds in every transaction, eschews up-front fees typical of its competitors, and returns 100% of investor capital before any of its own.
With her new film, Martin eschews both trends, investigating content through form, trying to pick apart the aesthetic to reveal new opportunities for image production.
In the Theatre West premiere of the two-hour-plus one-person bio drama, ``James Maitland Stewart,'' actor/writer Steve Nevil eschews caricature and impressively inhabits the persona of the late movie star.