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Likewise, Pallone respects when his economy professors assure him that a corporation is perfectly legal and legitimate--but he still must weigh the esoterical.
It contains essays on corporal terminology in Golden Age germania or thieves' jargon (Monique Joly); the metaphor of the body in Golden Age esoterical literature and in literary works that bear the trace of esoteric influence (Francisco Javier Blasco); the metaphorical value of various body parts in sermon literature and in miscellanies (Lina Rodriguez Cacho); metaphorical body parts in the passage "Armeria del Valor" in Gracian's Criticon; and the varying connotations of corporal metaphors in the poetry of Diego Hurtado de Mendoza (Ines Rada), the poetry of Francisco de Quevedo (Pablo Jauralde Pou), the theater of Diego Sanchez de Badajoz (Fernando Copello), and "El maestro de danzar" by Lope de Vega (Milagros Torres).
Not in a Nietzschean superhuman sense of beyond good and evil, or an esoterical sense of `spiritualism'.