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Esoterically, "the tales in the Quran are enacted almost daily in our souls .
A category of additional content was added to the analysis to include the more esoterically cruise specific elements which would be considered valuable within the industry.
Rather than resist the absorptive exploitations of the culture industries through esoterically difficult formal aesthetic strategies, they proposed that mass and popular culture could be used to create alternative networks of power.
Jonas, a philosopher, is best known for his work in philosophy of biology, technology, and bioethics, providing the conceptual foundations for Germany's Green party and the environmental movement; Strauss, a political theorist, is best known for his work in natural rights and the idea of reading texts esoterically, providing conceptual foundations for American neoconservatism; and Scholem, a Jewish theologian, is best known for his work in Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah.
Leo Strauss (1952) taught that the major canonical writers, especially philosophers, wrote in two fashions within the same text, exoterically and esoterically.
24) The Korea Cryptographic Module Validation Program (KCMVP) is system that verifies the safety and implementation conformance of cipher products used for protection of critical intelligence that is not classified esoterically among mutually shared data in an information network system of a nation or public institution.
This kind of English culture is rooted in Puritanism and Oliver Cromwell," Popov says, perhaps a shade esoterically.
Such wisdom, many an occultist believes, is esoterically transmitted in works of art.
Still, in the softer semiotics that leaves logic and quantitative notation to the esoterically inclined, we are faced with a Tower of Babel upon which it seems that there are numerous schools of thought.
Request accounting research-granting organizations such as IMA and IIA to fund more real-world projects than esoterically academic projects that will only be read by the academic community.
Looking like Jesus with long hair and clad in white, his spooky voice delivered fantastical yet esoterically political lyrics that suited the elegiac, melody-heavy music.
The powerful simplicity of "Kooza" likely will make it far more popular than some of the more esoterically complex Cirque shows.