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Al-Farabi accommodates the term but not the meaning of Islamic jihad, and so he writes esoterically as he quietly substitutes a philosophical meaning for jihad.
Samples, phenomenal drumming from the esoterically named Big Eyeball on The Bus and Hurly Curly's deeply Scottish vocals combine to produce a sound that is as bizarre as it is insanely catchy.
The activity that might seen to the uninitiated like playing on the flute was in fact just another form of zen--meditation conducted by means of playing esoterically handed down special pieces, actually breathing and concentration exercises transformed into "music".
This text identifies itself as having as subject (emphasis added), "the topographic feature that is, externally, White Pillar, the btsan of the region; internally, the abode (3) of the meditation deity Cakrasamvara ('khor lo bde mchog); and esoterically, ati, the lamp that dissipates darkness.
The questions about this universalizing tendency of al-Farabi's political philosophy can be jettisoned only if one interprets al-Farabi's doctrine of jihad esoterically, (64) and such an interpretation is problematic.
More esoterically, it could be the renewal that comes from exposure to exciting new ideas and perspectives.
Esoterically, the inter-dominance of the threefold components of human nature is in direct relation to the structural system that every individual or society adopts.
expand a bit, but the priority is working on quality, as we don't want more than 20 people in any case', while another, more esoterically said he would: 'do whatever is needed to help souls in need'.
121) Outside the Whale, however complex and self-aware it may be, is neither ironically intended nor esoterically coded.
To end with my beginning: Long in a gallery is Long in a procrustean bed, far from the eternal verities of nature and solitude that he loves, just another post-Minimalist artist whose novel signature material happens to be mud, and, more esoterically, walks.
We've set our standards esoterically high," says Thompson.