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I especially liked the Boaz combine article, the writer told it like it was, no sugar coating.
I especially liked the information on two local people who are now world famous, Richard Milward and Mackenzie Thorpe, and I now have a fantastic Christmas present in a signed copy of Mackenzie's latest book.
The motion sensing ability, the audio features, and the option of saving of clips to an outside source, such as dropbox was especially liked by the reviewers.
I especially liked "Ode to Lunchtime," on the "Pen In Hand" page.
They also enjoyed going to Polish picnics and especially liked polka's.
I especially liked the miniature paper village on a rock retaining wall or a red flower made of pipe cleaners tied to a park bench.
I especially liked the following two sentences in Erin Wayman's article "Maybe Earth's chlorine blew away" (SN: 6/1/13, p.
I especially liked your selection of background display on the stage and your camera placement for covering the entire live show.
Amber was a lovely little girl who loved learning and thrived in all school activities, particularly arts, which she especially liked.
1 enjoyed not only the AWS article; the other articles were very informative and I especially liked the ones on training.
I especially liked the article about the role of women in democracy.
I especially liked the article written by Michael Cribbin in your last issue.