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I especially liked that the city lives its measured life, everything is calm.
I especially liked his rule about "no cell-phone games or TV on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday.
The book trailers are always worth a watch and I especially liked the trailer for This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen.
I especially liked his comment recently on handguns for defense (Better Shooting, July/Aug 2016).
I especially liked her choice of lipstick - mid-tone rose with gold pearl (PS15.
I especially liked Alan MacRobert's sidebar in Pedro Ferreira's article (p.
I especially liked the Boaz combine article, the writer told it like it was, no sugar coating.
I especially liked the information on two local people who are now world famous, Richard Milward and Mackenzie Thorpe, and I now have a fantastic Christmas present in a signed copy of Mackenzie's latest book.
They also enjoyed going to Polish picnics and especially liked polka's.
Green was generally positive: the novel was "a very great improvement," and he especially liked several individual characters, the "assembled colony taking refuge at the Embassy," Waugh's ability to convey "the essentials of London life," and the "dazzling interview between Basil & the old boy who then goes to the club servant.
I especially liked the miniature paper village on a rock retaining wall or a red flower made of pipe cleaners tied to a park bench.
I especially liked the following two sentences in Erin Wayman's article "Maybe Earth's chlorine blew away" (SN: 6/1/13, p.