especially prepared

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Woodhouse was safely conveyed in his carriage, with one window down, to partake of this alfresco party; and in one of the most comfortable rooms in the Abbey, especially prepared for him by a fire all the morning, he was happily placed, quite at his ease, ready to talk with pleasure of what had been achieved, and advise every body to come and sit down, and not to heat themselves.
Bertie did not know that it had been especially prepared for the occasion by Captain Malu, and he read therein how on September 21, two boat's crew had fallen overboard and been drowned.
I can recommend them, for I have them especially prepared by Ionides, of Alexandria.
Guests were invited to taste some Belgian chocolates and typical Belgian food especially prepared by the well-known Belgian chef Brecht Vanthemsche, who is also engaged in a week-long ongoing Belgian Food Festival at The Market at W Hotel.
The motorcycles, especially prepared for one wheeling should also be impounded.
Participants in the competition will work on a real-life case staudy related to innovation within the food industry value chain especially prepared by DAFZA for the event.
For this special month guests will indulge in an authentic Arabic feast featuring live cooking stations and scrumptious desserts especially prepared by our talented chefs.
Chicken, especially prepared with walnuts, paprika and garlic, is popular.
Measures consists in dredging up about 35 000 mA of sludge from a sedimentationsdamm and dewater sludge in geotuber on a surface to be especially prepared for the purpose.
The event was also marked by a street- play especially prepared to show how girls should deal with cases of eve- teasing.
And here at Our Zoo, we have a whole array of different animals we have especially prepared for the programme.
Besides that we have chosen world's most exclusive and expensive coffee, kopi luwak, which is especially prepared and served in a coffee siphon on the customer's table.