especially prepared

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Woodhouse was safely conveyed in his carriage, with one window down, to partake of this alfresco party; and in one of the most comfortable rooms in the Abbey, especially prepared for him by a fire all the morning, he was happily placed, quite at his ease, ready to talk with pleasure of what had been achieved, and advise every body to come and sit down, and not to heat themselves.
Bertie did not know that it had been especially prepared for the occasion by Captain Malu, and he read therein how on September 21, two boat's crew had fallen overboard and been drowned.
I can recommend them, for I have them especially prepared by Ionides, of Alexandria.
19 (ANI): A study has recently found that women who take supplements, especially prepared blend of minerals and nutrients, for a month can significantly help them run faster.
Pictures of the facilities especially prepared to ease the presence of women in the hitherto male bastion have been circulating on social media and building up excitement among fans and supporters.
Hospitals were especially prepared for such emergencies.
We have prepared a rich feast of dishes to satisfy every palate, combining authentic and traditional cuisines especially prepared for the New Year's Eve.
Taste -- we sampled canapes especially prepared for us by the Domain's Master Chef.
There are different kinds of sandwiches which are especially prepared by the company according to the preferences of their clients.
The Friday Brunch especially prepared by executive chef Ahmed Fawzy, presents a variety of themed live cooking stations, sushi corner, and an endless assortment of the most delicious dessert.
This book was especially prepared and published by the R and D cell of FCCI.
The display area of these shopping malls was decorated with publicity and promotion material related to mangoes from Pakistan especially prepared by PHDEC.