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Jaffer notes that Section 411 of the USA Patriot Act allows the government to bar from this country those "who endorse or espouse terrorist activity.
A dour, sanctimonious and dull person is no advertisement for the faith he or she espouses.
For example, managers might espouse utilitarian ethics, represent utilitarian ethics in their cognitive map, and take action based on an analysis of the greatest good for the greatest number.
Summary: BEIRUT: Vice President of the Higher Shiite Council Sheikh Abdel-Amir Qabalan said Sunday Lebanon was currently witnessing a dangerous period as he called on the Lebanese to assume their responsibilities and espouse calm dialogue.
After reading Ruth Conniff's article "Rick Santorum's America" (October issue), one would think that progressives are as afraid to espouse principles of sexual justice as the conservative Senator from Pennsylvania himself.
This is an organization whose members proudly espouse discrimination and denial of human rights.
As I read of, listen to, and discuss with people who espouse this myth-metaphor gospel, I sense that they, in their searching, are creating and becoming another myth.
All religions espouse that true love, indeed, as does all charity.
Lindley attributes this to Kelvin's actions in his later years, when his demeanor became cantankerous and he began to espouse some unpopular and embarrassing views.