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Effingham had, from the commencement of the disputes between the colonists and the crown, warmly maintained what he believed to be the just prerogatives of his prince; while, on the other hand, the clear head and independent mind of Temple had induced him to espouse the cause of the people.
Father Claude taught the boy to respect the rights of others, to espouse the cause of the poor and weak, to revere God and to believe that the principal reason for man's existence was to protect woman.
But a more disturbing realisation is also dawning that should worry those who espouse the cause of freedom of press.
Examples of this community involvement include being the first corporation to espouse the cause of the Quebec Cystic Fibrosis Association (QCFA), whose mission is to raise funds in support of research and specialized clinics dedicated to treating those living with cystic fibrosis.
These are people from every walk of life, who espouse the cause of humanity in their own unique way without expecting anything in return and whom you may have seen, known or heard of; people who strive to improve the lives of others around them, without expecting anything in return.
Mukhiyaji used to always espouse the cause of the farmers and the labourers," he said.
The 'Green Directory' contains an overview of all exhibitors at the show who espouse the cause of sustainable working practices.
In mitigation for her client Saud, Isabella Forshall QC said he had not displayed the "social isolation of the religious zealot who tends to espouse the cause of jihad".
She said her meeting with the members of the civil society, media and the human rights organization was extremely satisfying as they were pro-actively engaged to espouse the cause of human rights and were thus a bulwark against the non-state actors.
The Prime Minister said that there was an enabling environment prevailing between two countries to promote trade ,people to people contact and also exchange of high level visits of Parliamentarians to espouse the cause of meaningful and productive contacts.
The hefty technological marvel guzzles fuel to an unimaginative level and does not espouse the cause of those who want India to be a hub for small and less fuel intensive vehicles.
As England and France drifted towards war in the early months of 1793, it was no longer possible - this side of the Channel - to espouse the cause of "liberty, equality and fraternity" without being accused of treason.