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To initiate a socialization process, many parent organizations communicate a set of values intended to guide action throughout the MNE, referred to as espoused values.
Espoused national culture has been used in a variety of management, marketing and information systems studies.
Resli went on to add a caveat, saying: "By focusing on discrepancies between real and espoused values, your group is likely to end up in a state that could be described as 'wary, cynical, angry and critical'.
In The Populism Reader is one attempt at developing such a populist and political alternative--the "transnational" multitude-populism espoused by Brian Holmes (although this form of populism, while not elitist, will no doubt have a hard time becoming popular).
When the Young Turks came to power, their program and their leaders espoused these three views of identity.
In Manhattan, barflies and unemployed actors told me of fiscal misery; one Wall Street buck gleefully espoused the wisdom of investing now--in Halliburton, Dick Cheney's oil interest.
Every company I have consulted with has both an espoused culture and a real culture that people live by every day.
According to the court, the program violated the Establishment Clause because it impliedly espoused religion, through an emphasis on spirituality and encouragement to inmates to turn their lives over to a "higher power.
Wendell became an editor of the Nation and for a while espoused the more conservative opinions of E.
Even if she never espoused surrealist ideology, Kahlo seemed to embody it.
Privacy Council's Gary Clayton espoused the importance of information management in protecting privacy.
Myth number two, also espoused by the Religious Right, claims that the Founding Fathers never intended the separation of church and state because these words are absent from the Constitution.