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The keenest espouser of the politically correct call for the family-friendly work place is the Establishment that largely consists of not merely big employers but, to use the current medical term, pan-employers.
His long sojourn in America has not made him an espouser of infantile ideas of civilization and development.
Le bruit ayant couru que je passois par la, plusieurs seigneurs et dames d'Allemagne y estoient venus pour me voir, et entre autres madame la comtesse d'Aremberg (qui est celle qui avoit eu l'honneur de conduire la roine Elizabeth a ses nopces a Mezieres, lors qu'elle veint espouser le roy Charles mon frere, et ma sour aisnee au roy d'Espagne son mary), femme qui estoit tenue en grande estime de l'imperatrice, de l'empereur, et de tous les princes chrestiens : sa soeur madame la Lantgrave, madame d'Aremberg sa fille, monsieur (le comte) d'Aremberg son fils, tres-honneste et galant homme [.
The irony at Greene's expense does not end with his pronunciation: this espouser of high, abstract, and ethereal aims for literature is himself pronouncedly corporeal: his furor over the state of literature does not detract from his enjoyment of Orlando's food and wine, and indeed "the more he denounced his own time, the more complacent he became" (89).
Because of the ambiguity in Arnold's treatment of the State, it is not surprising that quite different interpretations of his views have been proffered ranging from the opinion that he was a staunch defender of the liberal and democratic viewpoint to the conviction that he was an authoritarian and espouser of totalitarian regimes.
Moreover, Prewitt as "a hotly fervent espouser of the cause of all underdogs," "had always believed in fighting for the underdog, against the top dog" (Eternity 311).
said the 58-year-old Lieberman is a man of great moral strength and an espouser of ``family values.
A long-time espouser of the merits of the 4-4-2 system, I have come round to the way of thinking that 3-5-2 is the formation that England should use, if only to see the back of the Manchester United siblings.
4) In embracing the (con)fusion of what were once separate worlds, in exploring the dynamics of what the most prominent espouser of creolization, the Martiniquan writer Edouard Glissant, has termed a "multi-relation" as opposed to the stasis of a non-relational essentialism (Discours antillais 249),(5) a writer like Maximin sets himself in opposition to a simplistic, and narcissistic, politics of "identification" with a particular race or culture-core ("identification is the enemy of identity," as one of the characters in his L'isole soleil puts it [193]).
An idealist and an espouser of noble causes, but not a power guy, not an orator from whom they expected to be hearing an inaugural address.
This is certainly not the first time Paul has adopted a similar 'flat-earth' stance - indeed, he is a well-known espouser of lost causes.
as great nation-healer and pragmatic espouser of the middle way.