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Privacy espousers may well find solid public relations value to being good stewards of the most important commodity of the technology age: information.
She doesn't feel spiritually akin to these espousers of libertarianism; their strongly expressed belief in a philosophy she only half-understands but associates with stinginess disturbs her.
The principal figures in Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin are legatees of this resistance and subversion, and the assimilated Ngarrindjeri, the whole-hearted espousers of 'Western ideas' are marginal.
So too with our associations with others further along the path than ourselves who speak of truths and their espousers firsthand.
An emptyshelled empty-boned humor, Rabelais could have said, and in fact Queneau reproaches these espousers of humorism for excluding Rabelais from their Pantheon.
Indeed, he's become one of the most articulate espousers of its philosophy.
3) In the process, Caliban has become the aggressively defiant muse of both West Indian espousers of a militant "nation language" and French-language writers of Quebec; the paternally victimized and silenced Miranda has become the oft-cited surrogate of Canadian writers still responsive to Britain's imperial influence; and Ariel has been reconstituted as the name of an influential journal of post-colonial writing.