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If those who espouse any faith conduct themselves wisely, in both words and actions, to those outside that faith, then others will be drawn to its teachings.
As I read of, listen to, and discuss with people who espouse this myth-metaphor gospel, I sense that they, in their searching, are creating and becoming another myth.
One might say that the worldview he espouses is a crippled and inadequate view of humanity.
The new party espouses `Ili'oulaokani's policy toward protection of environmental and cultural resources--not unlike the Green Party, which will run its own candidates locally--but expands upon those concerns.
Today, Michael Day Enterprises in Wadsworth, Ohio, is a $40 million business that still espouses the same unorthodox warehousing strategy.
This is the ideal situation in which a communicator consistently espouses a logical ethical system, represents these espoused moral principles in the cognitive map underlying behavior, and takes action based on these same principles.
Spencer boldly espouses his belief that interracial parents were active participants in the multiracial movement essentially because they did not want their biracial children to be considered black.
Spotila espouses a theory that leatherback turtles and some other large animals survive through "gigantothermy" (SN: 4/28/90, p.