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Lance Armstrong, preoccupied in France this time of year and somehow never able to make it to an ESPY show to receive his annual male athlete of the year award, sounded as if he was auditioning for an HBO comedy gig based on the stuff he pedaled through during his opening monologue.
Willard Espy revealed in his book The Word's Gotten Out (Clarkson Potter, 1989) the method for establishing authorship: look for the first letter of a name anywhere in the first line of a given sonnet, the second letter of the name anywhere in the second line of the same sonnet, and so on until the full name is spelled out.
It's too early to say Espy is back in the same form as last year, but it looks significant that Kirk has him out again just six days after that Bath run, and today's rivals don't look any stronger.
Choosing Tony to be the face and hair of Clear Men during our ESPYS partnership was an easy one," said David Rubin, Unilever vice president of marketing hair, US.
The 2012 ESPY Awards went off without a hitch Wednesday night at the famed Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California.
The FDA is currently evaluating how to lower the cost of validation, which could be helpful in the area of documented calibration, software upgrades and for calibration procedures," adds Espy.
So coveted is the ESPN channel ESPY awards gift bag that the contents are kept secret until the last minute.
Smaltz spent years and millions of taxpayers' dollars trying to generate evidence that the blandishments Espy accepted were linked to "any official act" but came up empty.
What the media ignored in their eagerness to declare the problem solved was that while Espy and his meat watchers were mouthing the right words, they offered little in the way of a coherent plan.
In the wake of the riots in Los Angeles and other cities," Espy said, "this mandate is even more critical.
As a leader in its own industry, NEC is proud of its close relationship with The V Foundation and the ESPY Awards.
We recognize our responsibility to be good stewards of public funds, and we take those obligations quite seriously," Espy said.