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Any party that believes it has patents that are essential to the Blu-ray Disc(TM) standard and wishes to join the Blu-ray Disc(TM) Patent Portfolio License is invited to submit them for evaluation by MPEG LA's patent evaluators.
During trials of the Essential Marketing service an average 21 percent of calls made by the telemarketing agency resulted in appointments with a further 15 percent resulting in customer interest.
Beneficial essential oils are those that help to deepen our connection with the mysterious spring of our own life force: such as cypress and geranium.
Heightened awareness about data leakage and the risks associated with e-mail have drastically escalated the need for e-mail anti-theft solutions such as Taceo," said Ray Zambroski, CEO, Essential Security Software.
With the combination of BNA's HR Essentials[TM] and HR Essentials Tools[TM] and CoAdvantage's current offerings, clients are even more effective in developing tools and programs that drive results in their company through the use of the ever-increasing resources provided by CoAdvantage.
Additionally, Essential Innovations manufactures and distributes its cutting-edge Geoexchange System, the "EI Elemental Series.
Commenting on the Company's participation at the Alternative Energy Conference, Jason McDiarmid, Chief Executive Officer of Essential Innovations stated, "The Company looks forward to presenting at the upcoming Friedland Investment Events' Alternative Energy Conference in New York.
Patent holders are encouraged to submit essential patents for either or both types of products.
Founded in 1988, Workplace Essentials specializes in feminine hygiene services that include sanitary waste disposal and sanitary product vending.
The addition of 3M in the formation of the RFID Consortium is yet another indicator that we are making substantive progress in our joint effort to create a patent licensing arrangement that benefits the RFID industry, its customers, and essential patent holders," said Kevin Ashton, a spokesperson for the RFID Consortium and vice president of Marketing for ThingMagic.
We fully support the RFID Consortium's goals of creating a patent licensing program for UHF RFID essential patents and better servicing patent holders and their licensees," said Ed Schummer, President, Via Licensing.
Essential oils can be generally divided into two groups: those that are calming and those that are stimulating.