essential clause

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In our contract, we made an essential clause that the moment we sign up, we get a sandbox machine, and only then we can place the order, so at least we can start our development, and we get a longer lead time," Mohan said.
But the logjam finally broke; the essential clause was part of the 108th Congress' last bill.
Also, all essential clauses of the treaty should be explicitly and thoroughly settled prior to its conclusion, the expert opinion confirmed by magistrates also states.
It consists in carrying pupils from the nursery schools, elementary and middle of the territory from the stops in the vicinity of the homes to their schools and vice versa; The essential clauses are contained in the technical specifications.
Galfar says the agreements change a number of essential clauses in the signed contracts.
(3) Use "that" in essential clauses and "which" in nonessential clauses.
Principle 5 - Reference - Use that in essential clauses and which in nonessential clauses
The final agreement and reference principle states we use that in essential clauses and which in nonessential clauses.
Use that to refer to things other than human and to introduce essential clauses. Use which to refer to things and to introduce nonessential clauses.

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