essential condition

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It considers that the procedure adopted compromises the fundamental pillar of democracy, the essential condition for regional integration," it said.
The other essential condition is the proper sequencing and the spread of privatisation over a long period instead of rushed and bunched privatisation.
Erik Berglof, an economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), who said that the improvement of the banking performance is an essential condition "to be part of the world.
Walter Benjamm claimed in 19 17 that the essential condition of drawing, unlike painting, was that its lines must be defined against a background with a judicious use of contrast.
The main question arose from a decision of the 46-nation Nuclear Suppliers' Group (NSG) that seemed to deny a special concession India had won from it, as an essential condition for the conclusion of the deal.
In her report she said the selection was not in line with the law's essential condition for "reasoned selection".
The complete end of the occupation is an essential condition of the liberation of the two peoples," the petition reads.
Barroso said that the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia was an essential condition for EU membership.
Shihab al-Jabri incited the necessity of fixing the electoral booth in the ID data together with the installation of the electronic voting system as an essential condition for voting on the election day.
Since this is an essential condition and has not been satisfied in the action the ASI took, it stands vitiated in law and thereof, the writ petition can be allowed," the judge said.
Amr Mussa, the secretary-general of the Arab League, urged Somalia's disparate groups not to reject the peace process, saying that their integration in the process was "without exception an essential condition for its success.
just cause for dismissal exists where the dishonesty violates an essential condition of the employment contract, breaches the faith inherent to the work relationship, or is fundamentally or directly inconsistent with the employee's obligations to his or her employer.

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