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'Consequently, the demurrer to evidence of accused Napoles should, with due respect, have been granted because there is no way that the crime of plunder can be proven here by the prosecution considering that one of the essential elements of the crime which is identifying the main plunderer, has not been alleged in the Information,' they added.
There are three essential elements in a culture of ownership.
Fe is an essential element which is a constituent of myoglobin and hemoglobin (Singh et al., 2015).
In brief, our results agree on the whole with previous reports about the essential element composition of maternal breast milk but it was clearly understood that there is a large standard variation in the composition of essential elements such as Ca, Fe, and Zn.
Different essential elements with levels (mg/kg), including Fe (54.2-231), Zn (4.7-19), Cu (3.2-10.5), and Mn (8.8-490), were previously determined in herbs and spices from Saudi Arabia [17], and no risk associated with these elements was identified even with a daily intake of 10 g of the investigated spices.
Essential Element -- Appropriate Limitations Period
Essential elements provide a more detailed understanding of each fundamental dimension.
"Customer advocacy is now being seen as an essential element in fast tracking and attracting growth in customer power," said Vikram Suri, Managing Director, Middle East and India, Sage Software.
IPA - traditionally used as a dampening solution additive - had been seen as an essential element in any print run.
At the same time, the new brand...will be an essential element of TUI's new Internet strategy," it said.
The school has defended its firing of McCusker on religious liberty grounds, saying that McCusker's out-of-wedlock pregnancy rendered her unfit to "convey the faith, which is an essential element of her teaching duties."
They tell us over and over that freedom of religion is an essential element of American democracy--and we agree.

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