essential element

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There are five essential elements in a successful partnership (please see Table 1).
The Cedarbridge project is about growth and improvement, both personal and professional, and education is an essential element in the development of any community.
The precept of inferiority legitimized slavery and justified segregation, he contends, and to this day, he writes, "the premise of black inferiority and white superiority remains an essential element of the 'American identity,' mesmerized as we still are by race and color.
The second, five-month contract calls for Rapra to develop a draft standard guide to the application of statistics to rubber testing, an essential element of experiment design, data interpretation and quality control procedures.
Since she was a victim of childhood incest, some essential element of her Self had been permanently lanced.
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Secondly, the purchasers could not prove a claim for fraud or misrepresentation because an essential element of such claims is that there was a misrepresentation of an existing material fact.

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