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I did not get then, and I have not got since, a distinct conception of the journey through Hell, and as often as I have tried to understand the topography of the poem I have fatigued myself to no purpose, but I do not think the essential meaning was lost upon me.
X always spoke English to Germans, but his plan was to turn the sentence wrong end first and upside down, according to German construction, and sprinkle in a German word without any essential meaning to it, here and there, by way of flavor.
Automatic translation tools make getting the essential meaning of these documents easier - but finding them in the first place is almost impossible.
For Rostvig the patterns she finds are in fact the essential meaning of the works she analyzes.
To separate them, to exclude one or the other, is to strike at its very essence, to corrupt its essential meaning.
Yet its essential meaning is not difficult to understand.
The tribe worships the prophets of contructionism and the power of domineering ideologies that have robbed the individual of any claim to essential meaning.
Concentration on the decimals, the historic mistake, as if the essential meaning resided there, would lead one to expect that Montana's seats should be rounded down to one and Washington's rounded up to nine, which happens to agree in this respect with the current allocation that produces an unnecessarily large variation in population per seat.
Because of the primary significance of love, as providing the essential meaning for human existence, the ramifications of this encyclical are far-reaching.
Producer and director Papadinis (New England Shakespeare) stopped using edited modernized versions of Shakespeare's plays because they obliterate essential meaning and reduce performability and the annotation is inadequate, inaccurate, or both.
song seeks to define the essential meaning of hope.
The essential meaning of Nietzsche's work lies in his power to lift us from our daily duties and the accepted morals of the work we do in research and education, to the higher level of asking profound questions about the ethos, the aims, as well as the personal and social consequences of what we do.

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