essential nature

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He had no active interest in her, and she was to him a pleasant memory of what had never happened, a joy, which, by his essential nature, he was barred from ever knowing.
No one has ever adequately described either in verse or prose the true essential nature of either of them abiding in the soul, and invisible to any human or divine eye; or shown that of all the things of a man's soul which he has within him, justice is the greatest good, and injustice the greatest evil.
Oddity as he was, in outward appearance, the Professor was, in that essential nature which no outward disguise could conceal, a thorough gentleman.
Social service of a complementary and essential nature that is aimed at families or people who have difficulties to fend for themselves or maintain the whole family, aimed at restoring their physical, mental and social well-being through an individualized program of preventive, assistance and rehabilitator, helping them to live in their home / environment as long as possible.
The concept of actors acting in accordance with their essential nature is not at all creative; it is banal.
Fitch's 2018 rating and sector outlook for the public power and electric cooperative sector is stable thanks largely to autonomous rate-setting authority, the essential nature of electric service and reliable cash flow.
But the council said in a statement that in this case, the essential nature of the headscarf ban had not been proven.
While it's easy to moralize on the issue, and to profess the Christian duty of helping the less fortunate, it's harder to recognize the essential nature of the state in regulating immigration and protecting both citizens and immigrants, the book argues.
Three things will emerge, she notes: "our essential nature, the ever-presence of the sacred, and the transformative movement that allows our imagined separation from the sacred to dissolve.
By cleansing the mirror of the mind, we can come out of the dreams of who we think we are and awaken into our true, essential nature.
Recognizing the essential nature of health-care reform initiatives that expand access to quality health care and control the growth of health-care costs, GFOA will work with federal policymakers to advocate for adequate and appropriate funding to ensure the sustainability of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
The more essential nature of bags and luggage supported its performance, especially with these being key fashion items for female consumers.