essential provision

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It was also agreed that volunteers serving vaccinators will necessarily be made to serve in their respective areas of residence as an essential provision to address any possible inhibition of area people about the vaccine itself and, or the vaccinator.
The council had previously provided a roll of 52 black rubbish bags to each home - considered by many as an essential provision for their council tax bill.
However, there is a big difference between volunteer involvement and the use of volunteers to justify cuts in jobs and in essential provision.
The meeting also explored the essential provision of policy and ancillary services for women in the workplace, including a nursery for children of bank employees after a feasibility study by the bank to determine the need for the said service and to support the recruitment of handicapped persons in financial and banking institutions.
It is worrying therefore, that such important provision appears to be viewed as an optional extra, rather than as an essential provision for the health and hygiene of the public.
In such case the term of intermediary completion becomes an essential provision and will have the same significance on contract validity as the essential provisions described in the law.
As consideration turns to the future of higher education in Wales part-time study must be considered alongside full-time in order to support and develop this essential provision.
Many of the dogs at our centre have not had the best of starts in life and a clean blanket is an essential provision for every dog we look after.
Two other books, Essential Provision Of The Mujahid and The Absent Obligation, were alleged to have been found.
Andrew Hannah, senior business development manager at the corporate banking centre in Cardiff, said: "The bank prides itself on its commitment to social and ethical investments and causes so our funding of Melin very much meets our criteria and we were delighted to help with the essential provision of affordable homes.
An essential provision of Directive 91/440/EEC is the
2 a detailed description of the subject of the order and the terms and manner of its implementation are contained in the essential provisions of the contract constituting annex 4 to the invitation.

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