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Kirklees Council and NHS Kirklees in partnership with Essentially Dance have offered training to all schools and colleges in Kirklees and to volunteers and workers in older people's groups.
Both have Valvetronic, which controls air induction through valve lift rather than using the throttle, consequently, for example, essentially eliminating pumping losses at low speeds, thereby contributing to a more efficient engine.
Rather than using a semi-automated system where delivery and closeout has to be done essentially manually under current agreements with the German Ministry of Finance, full E-Customs will make use of remote system access and electronic closeout, including providing German customs officials with access to the system.
Patented is a white, biaxially oriented polyester film with a base layer comprising a thermoplastic polyester and pigment and/or filler consisting essentially of titanium dioxide.
Our initial view was that the use of the term "translational" to describe this area of biomedical research is misleading, as the word carries many connotations, and is essentially inaccurate.
I won't go into details, but essentially there were six "myths" that he dealt with, and he wasn't wrong every time.
With expensing, the government essentially becomes a partner.
Since most of these disturbances vary on a timescale of minutes to hours and the EDM experiment is essentially insensitive to moderate disturbances on a timescale below about 10 s we decided to test an external Helmholtz-like coil system which would be able to cancel slow ambient field variations.
It essentially provides that the claim cannot resemble a proprietary interest or be subordinate to general creditors' claims, nor can principal or interest payments depend on corporate earnings.
Today, the current president of Harvard, Lawrence Summers, has essentially repudiated Bok's position and devised an innovative program to reach out to, admit, and pay the tuitions of qualified, low-income students.
NASFAA's Martin noted that this bill is essentially the same as the GOP-backed measure introduced in the House last year.