essentially different

See: disparate
References in classic literature ?
Each of them would have its commerce with foreigners to regulate by distinct treaties; and as their productions and commodities are different and proper for different markets, so would those treaties be essentially different.
A man who bestrides a horse must be essentially different from a man who cowers in a canoe.
In fact the rivers which flow from those mountains to the Pacific are essentially different from those which traverse the prairies on their eastern declivities.
At the time whereof we are writing, though the Great George was on the throne and ladies wore gigots and large combs like tortoise- shell shovels in their hair, instead of the simple sleeves and lovely wreaths which are actually in fashion, the manners of the very polite world were not, I take it, essentially different from those of the present day: and their amusements pretty similar.
She makes the telling comparison with slavery, where until comparatively recently, some people were talking of servants being divinely ordained to obey their masters because they were essentially different from their superiors.
Morris added, "If these two airlines (Emirates and flydubai) were merged, it is essential to retain the value of their different types of business model offering, which appeal to essentially different markets, and have different cost levels.
This is an instance of what Ayn Rand called the fallacy of package-dealing, which consists in conceptually packaging together things that are essentially different and thus logically do not belong together.
Having concluded that the indeterminate nature of quantum phenomena provides enough wiggle room at the bottom to allow for true emergence at other levels of the ontological hierarchy, Ellis describes the type of emergence that occurs at each stage and then proceeds to classify top-down effects into five essentially different types: deterministic top-down causation, nonadaptive feedback control, adaptive selection of outcomes, adaptive selection of goals, and adaptive selection of selection criteria.
Meanwhile, their sensory acuities vary across space and time in essentially different ways.
He has described it as a place essentially different to the life of this world, both in the very nature and purpose of life, as well as the types of delights which people will enjoy therein.
This quirky game is actually a series in one - it has separate threads which are essentially different games.
The next war in the north will be essentially different, not just from the second Lebanon war and Operation Protective Edge, but from the Yom Kippur War and what came before that.