establish boundaries

See: demarcate
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In addition to having clear boundaries within the business, it's just as important to have boundaries outside of the business; meaning you must establish boundaries between your work life and your home life.
This person is an expert at helping students establish boundaries to protect themselves and will work with university officials to make this happen.
The preface shows her following Hannah Arendt in the notion that political philosophy, not science, is the place to establish boundaries for technology's purview.
implementation of a complex of cadastral works to establish boundaries and land management projects to introduce information about the boundaries of protected areas in the State Cadastre of real estate under the ETA
We attach names to groups, start to establish boundaries.
My advise; foster relationships with your family also establish boundaries with in-laws , express the solidarity of your marriage, use humor to decrease the impact of prejudice and discrimination, and gave family time and space to accept your wife /husband.
Globally, regulators are trying to keep pace with these changes to ensure greater privacy protection, while organizations struggle to understand and establish boundaries that properly address carried expectations for privacy by their different stakeholders.
In relationships, you need to establish boundaries.
Given the issue of size and scope and the multiple organizations on our campus, we intend to have a very engaged discussion," he said, adding that the first step would probably be to establish boundaries around buildings where institute-financed research is currently occurring.
Establish boundaries around your emotions in the same way the banks of a river guide its water back to the sea.
The MP called on officials to establish boundaries on what he called "farces" that offend Bahrain and its people.
Postel examines how ecological infrastructures are deteriorating, and how a number of nations are pioneering policies that establish boundaries on human degradation of fresh waters, with the aim of safeguarding ecosystem health.