establish connection

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Captain Bonneville had intended to remain some time in this neighborhood, to form an acquaintance with the natives, and to collect information, and establish connections that might be advantageous in the way of trade.
Submitting a customs declaration, only electronically, is done via the website of the Customs Administration which is suitable for operators with a small scope of operations as well as for operators with a large scope of operations, which can also establish connection through their own software.
Users just need to download a simple application in their smart devices in order to establish connection between the bulb.
the step-by-step instructions for each exercise are fully illustrated with color photography enabling parents to assist their children to develop better concentration, improve memory skills, gain the intellectual tools necessary for emotional self-control, activate creativity and imagination, establish connection between the mind and the body, cultivate confidence and enhance self-discipline.
On the other hand, two MPs of BESA who support Bilal Kasami will probably establish connections with the government and may become part of it "said Ziberi.
Etisalat came in second place, with 14 failed times to establish connections out of a total 4,100 connections.
Phil Roberts, head of BBC North East and Cumbria, said: "It's really important for students to establish connections in the industry, especially when seeking work placements and this event provides a great opportunity for networking.
Routers which not only allow for remote access but also establish connections for data transfer pose a potential threat to application and network security.
The BIS-B Transport model is designed to allow software applications from Select Alliance Program development partners to establish connections from a BlackBerry device to the Internet through a centrally hosted gateway within the BIS-B infrastructure.
By comparison, widely used selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs (SSRIs) work by boosting the production of new neurons, which can take several weeks to establish connections with other neurons and relieve depression.
We want to establish connections with this project and the Silicon valley.