establish connection

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Captain Bonneville had intended to remain some time in this neighborhood, to form an acquaintance with the natives, and to collect information, and establish connections that might be advantageous in the way of trade.
smoke test investigation to establish connection reversals between wastewater systems and stormwater systems.
One of the owners found a way around to establish connection to Wi-Fi "work network." The solution worked on Nexus 5 and Nexus 9 at the same time connecting to singular "work network" using the following steps:
* Performance of the ODBC provider and other providers that establish connection via ODBC is improved
Submitting a customs declaration, only electronically, is done via the website of the Customs Administration which is suitable for operators with a small scope of operations as well as for operators with a large scope of operations, which can also establish connection through their own software.
the step-by-step instructions for each exercise are fully illustrated with color photography enabling parents to assist their children to develop better concentration, improve memory skills, gain the intellectual tools necessary for emotional self-control, activate creativity and imagination, establish connection between the mind and the body, cultivate confidence and enhance self-discipline.
Establish connection between owner of property and offense
* Users just need to download a simple application in their smart devices in order to establish connection between the bulb.
In the new versions of Delphi Data Access Components the capability to establish connection to the most popular databases from Android was implemented.
310 m tw stainless steel pipe (dn12 - dn25), - establish connection to existing line, - insulation of all pipelines according to the specifications of the enev, - approx.
Chinese authorities have given their consent to Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) to set up a sub-branch in the Shanghai free-trade zone to establish connection in the developing business opportunities within the country.
'We will establish connections with other agencies to strengthen the crackdown against the colorum especially those which are fly-by-night.