establish equilibrium

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According to Maranaw mythology, it used to be the site of the powerful Sultanate of Mantapoli until it was uprooted upon the order of God to establish equilibrium between Sebangan (East) and Sedpan (West), which left a huge hole in which a lake was formed when it was filled with water.
He was able to establish equilibrium in India's relationship with the two super powers.
In "Merci," for example, clusters of ultramarine blue establish equilibrium within its opposite panel, just as the curls and loops of cadmium orange and tinted washes counteract each other in a diagonal arrangement across separate canvases.
Financial interventions will be carried by the Agrarian Fund through the purchase of individual objects of state price regulation in the organized agricultural market under the spot or forward in order to establish equilibrium prices (fixing) in size, which is not less than the minimum intervention prices.
Milne saw the rapid collisions occurring at the center of the Sun as sufficient to establish equilibrium, but the requirements set forth by Kirchhoff [10] and Planck [8,9] required something more significant.
The past thirty-two years alone are an enough witness to the wisdom and acumen of the president, and to his ability to run the political game and establish equilibrium in one of the most complex spots of the Arab World.
OD can be viewed as a planned process of change in an organization so as to establish equilibrium among these three interacting forces.
In an attempt to establish equilibrium in weapons' control, the archbishop suggested that armaments be maintained at the lowest level with effects that would bring about minimal suffering and damage.
At the same time, we must recognize that voucher privatization as implemented in the Czech Republic was an inherently simpler process in which to establish equilibrium than a full economy with many thousands of products.
The aim of this study was to establish equilibrium conditions between Daphnia and its food resource and to measure the resulting equilibrium food concentration directly.
Shapiro and Stiglitz [1984], for example, use an efficiency wage argument to establish equilibrium involuntary unemployment.
A cartel will not be able to establish equilibrium unless it can prevent customers from defecting.