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Before you delve into the social-media best practices of your business, establish guidelines for how employees should conduct and present themselves on their personal pages.
The bill requires that DHS establish guidelines for sharing cybersecurity threat and vulnerability information to protect privacy and civil liberties, in consultation with the attorney general and DNI.
Soaries, chairman of a new federal voting commission, "the government needs to establish guidelines for canceling or rescheduling elections if terrorists strike the United States again," reported the Associated Press on June 25.
2) The Attorney General shall establish guidelines for the collection of such data including the necessary evidence and criteria that must be present for a finding of manifest prejudice and procedures for carrying out the purposes of this section.
If the year 1999 was dominated by the intense efforts of the federal government to establish guidelines for compliance with the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998, the year 2000 was dominated by the field's efforts to implement plans to meet those guidelines.
As a member of the consortium NetIQ will participate in decisions and activities intended to help establish guidelines for and promote the development of the ASP marketplace.
The next step will be to use the tests to establish guidelines for minimum performance levels of plastic lumber - such as those that exist for plastic pipe, for instance.
The same canon authorized conferences of bishops to establish guidelines for lay preaching, which the American bishops did in 1988.
His efforts to establish guidelines for successful reintroduction and habitat requirements for box turtles are gaining importance as scientists realize that this once-common species is becoming increasingly uncommon.
In another situation with one of Midtown's large landlords known for red tape, MKDA was able to establish guidelines for rules and construction which benefitted the tenant before leases were signed.
The FSA required each state to establish guidelines for setting child support awards and directed judges and other officials to ensure such awards follow established state guidelines unless there are extenuating circumstances.