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In another situation with one of Midtown's large landlords known for red tape, MKDA was able to establish guidelines for rules and construction which benefitted the tenant before leases were signed.
The FSA required each state to establish guidelines for setting child support awards and directed judges and other officials to ensure such awards follow established state guidelines unless there are extenuating circumstances.
FEI has also helped establish guidelines for internal control systems and the prevention of fraud, as an active participant in The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) of the National Commission of Fraudulent Financial Reporting ("the Treadway Commission").
ROI Print Manager is designed to provide a clear view of the customer's printing environment and establish guidelines for managing print costs, creating a blueprint for building greater cost-efficiency and productivity over time.
On Tuesday, the Thousand Oaks City Council voted to establish rules that ultimately would ban marijuana clubs and establish guidelines for how the drug could be used legally.
In its regularly scheduled Agenda Meeting, the Public Service Commission of Nevada today voted to pursue a rule-making proceeding designed to establish guidelines for future earnings review investigations and related matters.
The consortium will establish guidelines for presenting the various types of public radio program data that appear on consumers' HD Radio receiver.
A bill by Assemblywoman Dion Aroner, D-Oakland, would have created an advisory committee to establish guidelines for use of characters, caricatures and similar child-attracting material in alcohol advertising.
A pretrial conference to establish guidelines for the trial is scheduled for Oct.
The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) today announced the establishment of a Mobile Search Working Group designed to establish guidelines for a search marketing ecosystem.
The Japanese government is planning to establish guidelines for the regulation of biological pesticides," said Takashi Ikai, general manager, planning and development, agricultural chemicals division of Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Prior to making Leanlicious(TM) available for distribution, Mosaic will conduct additional testing to establish guidelines for responsible use of this product.