establish parameters

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Rao's leading, AMB will release a health report in December 2017, outlining the microbial diversity of a group of donors which represent AMB's efforts to establish parameters of health.
The PROGRESSIVE project will establish parameters by which good practice in standards and the standardisation process around ICT for AHA can be identified.
The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has published 163 clinical bulletins to establish parameters for safe and effective practice for all obstetricians.
The ten chapters establish parameters for studying Psychecology and the correlated metaverse, media-sphere, and collective mediated dreamscape, and justify the concept that the metaverse is energetically correlated with the Psychecology and dream structure according to Carl Jung.
In a social context, Miranti and Ors establish parameters of social exclusion for children linked to the level of economic activities and regional prosperity of individual regions.
maculifrons (Duda, 1927), a forest dwelling species that belongs to the guaramunu group, collected in two conservation units of highland Araucaria Forest fragments in Guarapuava/ PR, in order to establish parameters of genetic diversity and levels of gene flow.
The association's membership had the idea to determine what red wine varieties grow best and make the best wine in the AVA and then establish parameters for the vinification of a blend of those varieties.
The conditions for entry into such a process must be carefully thought through and all sections must be involved in a consultation to establish parameters for participation and responsibility.
In business, tradition can dictate the lay of the land, help determine its appearance and establish parameters that will hopefully nurture that endeavor and allow it to grow.
Academicians who try to establish parameters of conduct and thought, and to change them to fit their own precepts.
The Standing Committee on Health Care, chaired by the Minister of Health, Madeleine Dube, held public hearings throughout the province to receive comment on a legislative discussion paper that seeks to establish parameters governing the election of regional health authority board members.
It's not a blank check, but it provides an opportunity to establish parameters and say, 'Yes, this is a good deal.