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To combat the threat of counterfeits, it implemented a unique coding system for each of its hard hats, wherein its online JSPCHECK(TM) system helps establish the validity of the product.
embassy or consulate abroad may suggest passport or CRBA [Consular Report of Birth Abroad] applicants undergo DNA testing to establish the validity of the relationship(s).
Also, on behalf of the Prime Minister, State Inspection for Price Control must check the price situation in the oil market and to establish the validity of the price increase for these products.
They take special care to establish the validity of African practices of philanthropy, describing the wide range of pre-colonial, informal, and hybrid forms of assistance in actual practice in Africa.
But he did help establish the validity of the quest.
ROI Communication then used standard statistical techniques to establish the validity of the sample size and evaluated survey results in relation to a company's financial performance, based on publicly available data.
A spokesman for the council said: "Private investigators are occasionally used to establish the validity of insurance claims against the local authority, and their use can lead to substantial savings for council tax payers.
Further research is warranted with a larger sample to measure oxygen consumption during the 20MST to establish the validity of the 20MST as a measure of cardio-respiratory fitness in young adults with asthma.
In the following chapter he compares the use of expert medical witnesses in the Shari'a courts, as they existed until 1956, and in the national courts in applying the legal concept of last illness (marad al-mawt), which is an excellent example, for both types of courts had to apply this notion--the Shari'a courts in their ruling on the validity of a repudiation before the husband's death and the national courts (competent in matters of succession) in order to establish the validity of gifts made in extremis.
In the 1890s two whole books tried to establish the validity of the claim: those of A.
The current study sought to further establish the validity of the SCAB by examining its relationship to an established paradigm in psychology found in previous research to relate to creativity: Holland's (1997) model of vocational interests.
Until we receive the handset we are unfortunately unable to investigate this further or establish the validity of her claim.