establish with certainty

See: ascertain
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We call on the Department of Mineral Resources to intervene swiftly and establish with certainty the future of the mine.
It also held that the persons bringing the actions had failed to establish with certainty that the damage they claimed to have suffered had in fact been caused by the inaction of the Commission.
He further argued it could take time to establish with certainty if the detections are from MH370.
The report noted that in several cases the victims included soldiers and civilians, though it was not always possible to establish with certainty any direct links between the attacks, the victims and the alleged sites of the incidents.
Central Election Commission, having considered the documents received from the TEC, PEC, as well as complaints and acts of subjects of the electoral process, has identified violations that do not allow to establish with certainty the result of voting.
It's what makes us the ideal partner to help Fifa establish with certainty that football, and its virtues, is a tool with which a better future can be built.
The beneficiaries of his estate may well not know the boundaries of the land and it can take many hours of legal work, and inevitable delay and expense, to establish with certainty what is actually owned," she added.
Mr Platts added: "Frustrating though it may be for all of us, we must await the coroner's verdict to establish with certainty what, if any, part the road layout played in the incident.
The RSSB report was convened with an independent panel which said it had not been able to establish with certainty how the missing nuts points had come to be in the condition in which they were found after the crash.
A prison population profile analysis does not establish with certainty how much crime is prevented by long-term imprisonment.
Breakthrough would welcome any improvements in research methods which help establish with certainty breast cancer risk factors,' she said.
There is a renewed effort to try and establish with certainty - which the Americans have never been able to do - who the original New York World Trade Centre bomber really is.