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The NIEHS played a major role in this effort, and established a North Carolina contingent that consisted of physicians, nurses, and other health care providers from both the NIEHS and Duke University.
Accordingly, Bank has established anti-money-laundering policies and procedures, which include the implementation of know-your-customer policies, suspicious activity reporting procedures, and related training programs and manuals.
To help with the integration of the three directorates' efforts and to engage with outside agencies on selected actions, we have established a DS planning and analysis team (PAT).
John Cogswell of Goodland, Kansas, have established the Marjorie Means Cogswell Endowment Fund for financing Teacher Enrichment Grants.
Furthermore, it documents the established materiality thresholds and the procedures surrounding these limits.
Established companies "had sharp elbows out" to keep the newcomers from stealing their business, and a handful of start-ups that were most bruised might be the first targets for consolidation, although not immediately, he said.
which was jointly established with Chinese company in Shanghai and started production in 2000.
The discussion should include understanding the type of relationship that is being established, how the process will be facilitated, and sharing with the mentor personality traits to assist in developing the mentor/protege relationship.
A "one-stop-shop" has been established that eases access for students, the campus
As was found in this case, unless all of the statutory requisites are demonstrated by the claimant (each of which must be established by the preponderance of the evidence), the succession claim must and will be denied.
If the fire brigade is established to fight interior structural fires, quarterly training is required.