established method

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Lynde and the school trustees, who viewed all innovations on established methods rather dubiously.
Consequently it was impossible to end a war by any of the established methods. A, having outnumbered and overwhelmed B, hovers, a thousand airships strong, over his capital, threatening to bombard it unless B submits.
Currently, scientists lack an established method to identify and quantify multiple CO 2 leaks spread across a region of the ocean floor.
The enamel samples were assessed before, during and after treatment and colour readings were determined using an established method involving spectrophotometer and trained scientists.
He highlighted the significance of such events that provide opportunities for judges to discuss crucial matters in the legal realm, pointing out that litigation remains the most established method in resolving disputes.
"It is far more common now to freeze unfertilised eggs, and this is now considered an established method of fertility preservation.
As a result, we confirmed the diagnosis of MCKD1, and this established method could be successfully applied to detect the MUC1 -VNTR single cytosine insertion.
Their focus has been on using the established method of applying compost to nutrient depleted soil to enrich it with organic matter and improve its water holding capacity.
As your report noted, speed cameras are selffinancing and are an established method for preventing "costly casualties".
There is currently no established method for molecular imaging of the formation of tell-tale biofilm infections.
The established method was to use two "circular saws" on a conveyor system but this method did not meet Gs requirements in terms of quality of cut which in itself could have an adverse effect on the shelf life of the produce.
In one established method for making such single-layer chips, a chip builder coats a mold with a thick layer of liquid polymer called polydimethylsiloxane, or PDMS.