established method

See: procedure
References in classic literature ?
Lynde and the school trustees, who viewed all innovations on established methods rather dubiously.
Consequently it was impossible to end a war by any of the established methods.
In one established method for making such single-layer chips, a chip builder coats a mold with a thick layer of liquid polymer called polydimethylsiloxane, or PDMS.
As is her established method, Thauberger developed the work in collaboration with her young stars, students who responded to a casting call distributed to musical-theater groups in Greater Vancouver.
High-pressure capillary rheometry is an established method for simulating the processing conditions of molten polymers at high temperatures.
Women also prefer an established method and frequency of contact, be it weekly, monthly or some other interval.
Furthermore, there is not an established method or model for conducting career counseling that is consistently used in the field and evaluated by researchers.
For controlling gray iron, an established method is to make a wedge test and measure the chill depth.
Our position is there is an established method for distributing funds and the MTA should use it.
Companies all over the world are looking for new, effective ways to promote their brands, and Talking Flowers provides an established method of successful corporate branding and product marketing.
This process, known as Doppler cooling, is an established method for cooling atoms; however, because of the restricted parameters that are needed to trap antimatter, the researchers need to be absolutely sure that it is possible.