established method

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Lynde and the school trustees, who viewed all innovations on established methods rather dubiously.
Consequently it was impossible to end a war by any of the established methods.
It is far more common now to freeze unfertilised eggs, and this is now considered an established method of fertility preservation.
Striking a balance between an old and established method and a newer technique claiming superior outcomes requires constant deliberation on the part of surgeons.
Their focus has been on using the established method of applying compost to nutrient depleted soil to enrich it with organic matter and improve its water holding capacity, he added.
This process, known as Doppler cooling, is an established method for cooling atoms; however, because of the restricted parameters that are needed to trap antimatter, the researchers need to be absolutely sure that it is possible.
Presently, charger installation in Japan is conducted at the discretion of commercial and non-commercial facilities, and there is no established method of recuperating installation costs.
As your report noted, speed cameras are selffinancing and are an established method for preventing "costly casualties".
There is currently no established method for molecular imaging of the formation of tell-tale biofilm infections.
The established method was to use two "circular saws" on a conveyor system but this method did not meet Gs requirements in terms of quality of cut which in itself could have an adverse effect on the shelf life of the produce.
In one established method for making such single-layer chips, a chip builder coats a mold with a thick layer of liquid polymer called polydimethylsiloxane, or PDMS.
As is her established method, Thauberger developed the work in collaboration with her young stars, students who responded to a casting call distributed to musical-theater groups in Greater Vancouver.