established phenomenon

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This is a very important study because it provides a plausible mechanism to explain the fraternal birth order effect, perhaps the most firmly established phenomenon related to human sexual orientation," says Marc Breedlove, professor of Neuroscience at Michigan State University, said, the (https://www.
Thanks largely to social media "thing" is now "a genuine or established phenomenon or practice" when used to express disbelief - as in "How can that be a thing?
It is a buzz and newly established phenomenon in research of social sciences to pursue enhanced and integrated research tools in addressing the problem of vagueness or fuzziness.
Globally minimal access surgery is now an established phenomenon, the concept is still in its developing phase in Pakistan.
Real estate investors familiar with the capital investment cycle that drives this sector know very well that booms and busts are a well established phenomenon in global property.
Financial scams and scandals in SOEs is a well established phenomenon in the country.
He added pedal error, or unintentional acceleration, was an established phenomenon, backed by many research papers.
If we accept the established phenomenon of the instant relation between tangential force T and normal line force R, i.
The new dye doubles the frequency of light penetrating it, an established phenomenon known as second-harmonic generation.