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'We don't want to imprison anyone or close any establishment. But we are after the social protection of the workers.
The Bills assented to by the President are the Nigeria Police Trust Fund (Establishment) Bill, 2019; Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (Establishment Bill), 2019; Suppression of Privacy and Other Maritime Defences Bill, 2019; Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria Bill, 2019; National Institute of Construction Technology and Management (Establishment) Bill, 2019; National Agricultural Seeds Council Bill, 2019; Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund (Amendment) Act, 2019; Federal Capital Territory Primary Healthcare Board (Establishment) Bill, 2019 and Federal Capital Territory Hospital Management Board (Establishment) Bill, 2019.
PESHAWAR -- In pursuance of integration and merger of erstwhile FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the competent authority has declared 117 employees appointed by erstwhile FATA Secretariat as 'Surplus' and placed them in the surplus pool of Establishment and Administration Department for their further adjustment/ placement w.e.f 01.07.2019, said an official handout issued here on Thursday.
The new schemes are: the construction of boundary wall and security post for Rescue Lines in Faisalabad, establishment of Rescue 1122 station at Dijkot, district Faisalabad, establishment of Rescue 1122 station at Adda Akrywala Jhang tehsil, establishment of Rescue 1122 services at Barthi and Fazal Katch, Taunsa tehsil, establishment of Rescue 1122 station at Zahir Pir, Khanpur tehsil, Rahim Yar Khan district, up-gradation of existing rescue stations in Punjab and provision of missing facilities at Rescue 1122 city Muridke, Sheikhupura district.
The average number of workers for establishments with TE of 20 and over was registered at 101 per establishment in 2017.
Acosta told reporters that among the purposes of the ordinance is to heighten the awareness of locals and tourists particularly those who are not much familiar with the emergency areas of the establishment they are in.
A notification issued from the establishment department said that Mohammad Abid Majeed (BS-20), who was awaiting posting, had been posted secretary establishment department, while secretary establishment Arshad Majeed (BS-19), had been directed to report to the establishment department.
Yes, not the civil, military and judicial Establishment, but this group.
Finding out that the 2 totally razed establishments were more than 50 years old and were just renovated by the occupants, City Mayor Mario Salvador who went to the place, ordered the city bureau of fire protection (BFP) to immediately inspect all dilapidated and old commercial establishments which may pose hazards to other establishment in the city.
It was, of course, time for the religious parties and all those in opposition to play the role of the establishment's favourite.General Zia's martial law put an end to Bhutto's rule in 1977 and later in 1979 to his life as well.
Establishment and development of 135 vehicle, pedestrian and tunnel bridges Railway field 3.

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